Staff Update: December 4th, 2014

Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion

Kudos and Celebrations!

  • Gracias, NFSI and CES Student Councils, Katie Carter, Stacie Brown, Leah Wieseler, and Megan Kochmann. We all had a blast playing Turkey Bingo!

  • Congratulations to the Crestview PTSA and Crestview families for a hugely successful BLAMO night! Thanks also to Kate Fenske, Stacie Brown, Katie Carter, Sandy Pugh, Laurie Schmillen, Kelly Fenske, and Jodi Husting for attending the event and sharing the evening with our students and families!

  • Thumbs up to the CES 4th graders, Heidi Anderson and Thom Carroll for their Reader's Theatre presentations!

  • Way-to-go, Pam Burke and the CES/NFSI Band! The winter band concert(s) were fabulous!
  • High-fives to Laurie Schmillen, Karla Reetz and Amanda Jensen. The CES K PLC helped their students grow from 60% proficient in letter sounds to 91% proficient, during the month of October!
  • Kudos to Lisa Day, Maria Moreno, Colleen Klos, the NFSI Kindergarteners and their 5th grade buddies! The annual "Eating through the alphabet" was a yummy adventure, and their class programs were delightful.
  • Felicitaciones a Alissa Hill, Amanda Nilles y Jennie Agüero for a very delicious and delightful Stone Soup day last week!
  • Thank you to all teachers for your fabulous work and learning on our Monday PD day... you are AMAZING!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday to Maribel Schuyler (12/9)!
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NFSI All School Morning Meeting Tomorrow!

Congratulations to our NFSI 1st graders.... who will celebrate their transition into all Spanish at our All-School Morning Meeting tomorrow! (Dec. 5th) See you at 9:30 in the cafeteria... ¡Yupi Nuevas!

Budget Adjustment Process

The district is currently in the process of looking at budget adjustments for the 2015-2016 school year. A task force has been formed to gather input and make recommendations for the board to review.

A part of the budget adjustment process is to gather input from the community and staff. Click here for a link to the District 833 webpage titled "We're Listening". Click on the comment section and scroll down to "Budget Adjustment Considerations". Then you can share your ideas and comments (in 200 words or less).

The committee will be looking at all ideas (from budget reductions to revenue ideas). Thank you!

Sunshine Updates!

Hello wonderful colleagues! When your group brings Thursday treats, please remember that you are also in charge of bringing plates, napkins, silverware or whatever else is necessary. Lastly, it is also your group's responsibility to clean up the lounge at the end of the day (ie. Wipe down tables, clean up the sink area, wash dishes and wipe out microwaves) Thank you so much for your cooperation!

-CV/NF Sunshine committees

Calling all Silverware…and other good stuff!

In an effort to try to be a little more environmentally friendly…if you have any silverware, plates, cups or mugs you're not super fond of and are looking for a place to which to donate them, our staff lounge would be a perfect place! This way, we don't have to keep buying heaps of plastic silverware, plates & cups. Additionally, if you've used some of the 'kitchen items' that have been donated already and accidentally brought them home with you, please kindly return them. Thanks so much!

Spirit Week: December 15-19

Monday, December 15th : Pajama day!

Tuesday, December 16th: Neon-colored clothes day!

Wednesday, December 17th: Super Hero day!

Thursday, December 18th: Dress like one of your teachers (past or present)!

Friday, December 19th: Silly winter sweater day!

Peer Observation Reminder!

January 9th is the next due date for a peer observation. Remember you do not have to observe someone, but you must have one peer observe you and log it into PD Express. Let Jade know if you have any questions!!! Thanks for being such supportive and collaborative colleagues!

Have You Seen This?

To add a little more color and inspiration to our staff updates, from time to time we will include a photo from somewhere in our building under the heading "have you seen this?" If you have a photo you would like to submit, please send it to Tina! Check out the photo below.... have you seen this???
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Next Week at a Glance:

5th grade has bus/door duty next week, THANK YOU!!!
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Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion and Crestview Elementary Schools




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