Rheel News from IMS

September 2021

School Updates and Information

Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop-off and Pick-up have started to get into a groove and timing has gotten so much better! Thank you teachers for keeping students focused to names being called. Thank you parents for being attentive in car line. Thank you students for walking safely and swiftly to your cars!
Please note the reason behind the delay in carline, in the afternoon, is that we continue to keep classrooms separate so they are not able to congregate together in the front glass room like in years past. With all of us working together, we have decreased dismissal time from 35 minutes to 25 minutes!


-7:45 is early drop-off for needed families.

-8:00 begins regular drop-off

-8:15 is tardy

*The student handbook states that students are tardy if they are not in their classrooms by 8:15. We know that sometimes, there are cars still in line at that time. We will notify teachers if this is the case. We will be going back to our sign posted at 8:15 where parents will need to park and come sign their student in if they arrive after 8:15.


-As you pull up, in line, please pull up closely to the car in front of you. This helps us keep traffic flowing and call a few extra names each round.

-Please continue to refrain from cell phone use while in carline. This delays our process and backs up carline.

Thank you for your patience and support as we have worked out some kinks from the beginning of the year.

Communication Plan

We completed surveys at the end of last year and what we heard the most and the loudest from our staff and families was COMMUNICATION. Everyone wants more and how/where communication will come from. So we have created a plan!

Please click the image below to review our communication plan.

Key takeaways:

1) We have a great staff who are here to answer questions

2) We are always looking for ways to keep people informed

3) If ever in doubt, check our website!

4) Make sure you are signed up for SchoolCues and receiving communications from there. Sometimes they end up in spam. If you are having trouble, contact Ms. Brittany

Meet Ms. Blair

While some of our families know Ms. Blair as Ms. Suzanne's former Teacher Assistant. A lot of our families know Ms. Blair as the person who sends out the textcues reminders and social media posts. While these are true; did you also know....

Ms. Blair has been with IMS for 4 years as a TA in Upper Elementary. Last year, she began supporting our school communication needs with our social media posts and our digital sign. This year she has taken on a new role for our school. Ms. Blair is our Communications and Service Learning Coordinator. These are areas of passion for her and she has hit the ground running already! Ms. Blair has created a plan for our school to get back to service learning and to increase opportunities with our whole school. Ms. Blair will be reaching out periodically with information and ways for families to participate with monthly drives! Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Ms. Blair is also in charge of all of our social media posts, our digital sign, and organizing our communication/reminders to families. She works closely with our FSA to support events and create opportunities to connect with our community.

She has a strong passion for service and innovation. We are excited to have her in this role this year and look forward to all she has planned!

COVID Updates

I want to thank all of our families for continuing with cautious symptom reactions. You all are doing your part and allowing us to have time with our students everyday.

We will continue to share any COVID exposures or positive cases as they are shared with us. Please continue to reach out with questions about symptoms, exposures, quarantines, etc.

News from Our Committees

Academic Committee:

Our school is in process of renewing our Charter with the state. When IMS first applied for our Charter, we were one of the few Charters to receive a 10 year charter from the state. This year is our preparation for our renewal. Our Academic Committee will be helping gather information to show just how much we have done and what we plan to work towards in the future. They are also working with the staff to foster conversations around vertical planning and curriculum.

Diversity Committee:

The committee has met in many different ways over the past few years but this year we welcome some new Committee members. With a fresh approach and perspectives, this committee will be meeting monthly to target areas of need for our school. They will create a plan for our school to present opportunities for our students to experience and learn about the community around them.

Important Dates

9/28/2021 - FSA Glo Golf Event at IMS

10/13/2021 - Picture Day for Charter Students
(Lower, Upper, and Middle)

10/14/2021 - Picture Day for Children's School
(Primary and Kinder)

10/20/2021 - 1/2Day for all Students