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Deja Hathaway

Why saving and investing are important

Saving and investing are important because if you keep your money hid under your mattress or in a jar its losing value. By saving it by putting it in banks it helps you and others. You out your money in the bank, as the bank loans your money to other people. The bank charges the loaned person interest which you get half and the bank gets half. Their isn't just one way to save. You can buy stocks the risk is very high but you get more money. By saving your money it's gaining interest so if, you need money to buy a house or a car its their for you.

Investing is a great way to get ready for the future. By investing your money it grows and grows. You can use this money for retirement, and college. Investing is good for long term activities

Tips on saving !!!!!!!!

By saving you can have money for the future. Say a younger person wants to go to college, by saving their money they will have the money when they go to college. By saving your money you have it when you need it say for a concert or something more valuable a house. By putting your money in an savings account is a good idea you also get interest so you gain money and it's their when you need it. A checking account is similar but different because you get checks too. Your able to have your money when you want it and can write checks.
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It's a great idea to invest! By investing your money you are gaining more money by interest. Investments help you more in the future. If your young and have a good paying job you should invest more. If you are older soon to be retiring it would be a good idea not to invest in high risk things like stocks. You should put the money in an savings or checking account. A savings account has a very very low risk of losing money. The return is pretty low though. The Liquidity is high because you can get your money back with no problem. By investing in stocks you have a medium high risk of losing money. The return is 11%!! That's pretty good. The main problem with stocks is it's harder to get money when you want it. A very high risk investment is investing in collectibles. The return is

med high because if you find the right buyer you will most likely get more money for it than you bought it for. The liquidity is low because it takes time to find the right person and get money.

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  • 55% of people working now haven't tried saving
  • A poll was taken in 1999 with 9 to 17 year old 59% say they worry about not having enough money (could be change if they knew the different ways to save and gain money)
  • U.S. treasury says that Americans hold about $15 billion in loose change.
  • The word investment came from the Latin word invest meaning " to clothe in"

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