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Jasper Weekly 4.20.15 to 4.26.15

What's for Lunch?

What's for lunch in 2015-2016? Block or study hall? That is truly up to our staff.

Each department will have a final conversation about preferences for block lunch or study hall this Friday during the PLP time. I cannot encourage everyone enough to review notes, continue conversations, explore the FAQs Jeff sent out, and think about the right decision for this campus. I think Friday is the perfect opportunity for our staff to have a professional dialogue to influence the direction of Jasper. If you have reasons why we shouldn't do block lunch, speak up. If you have reasons we should, speak up. Without all the information, we can't make the correct decision. If block lunch is not going to be a good idea for this campus, we won't do it. If it is going to be a good idea, we will do it. Don't be hesitant to share your views in a professional setting within your community of leaders. We need the truth and nothing but the truth. I expect everyone will be open to exploration of the positives and negatives to reach a consensus.

The reality is this concept of PLC-focused block lunch on a campus where the majority of teachers teach 6 of 7 50 minute class periods is new. Other block lunch campuses are student-activity driven where the majority of teachers either teach 5 of 7 50 minute periods or on a block schedule.

What I am most excited about is the process. This process has caused me, and hopefully others, to re-examine the 9-10 experience to validate or question what is the best experience for our high school students in the Plano system.

Honor the past, be present, and forge ahead!

Staff Birthdays

April 24-Uzma Siddiqui

April 26-Lisa Morse

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

4/22-Grade Verifications Due

4/24-PLP Day

4/28-EOC Math/Biology Training


5/4-5/8-Teacher Appreciation Week

5/5-EOC Algebra 1

5/5-AP Calculus BC Test

5/6-EOC Biology

5/8-6th Six Weeks Progress Reports Pulled

5/8-AP Euro Test

5/12-6th Six Weeks Progress Reports Distributed

5/14-AP World History Test

5/15-AP Human Geography Test

5/18-Spring Awards Ceremony

5/21-Staff Meeting

5/22-Staff Lunch Cookout

5/25-Memorial Day (staff and student holiday)

General Announcements

    1. Work Day Updates
    2. Campus Expectations
    3. 4/24 PLP Student Activity

1. Work Day Updates

  • PISD has been granted a waiver for the March 5th inclement weather day. There is no need for any make-up for staff or students.

  • The first day back for all teachers is Thursday, August 13th. This is not a "flex" day. All paraprofessional staff working a 185 day contract will start Monday, August 17th.

2. Campus Expectations

  • Campus visitors need to be escorted by a staff member at all times on campus from the hours of 8:00-4:30. This is the case for parents visiting for a parent/teacher conference, ARD, 504/CMIT, or meeting of any kind. This also applies for guest speakers. Escorting guests helps ensure staff, student, and visitor safety as well as provides the right atmosphere and experience for our guests.

  • Students should have an experience of bell-to-bell learning in each class throughout the day. There should always be plans to address students and classes who demonstrate early mastery. Engaging extension and enhancement activities are excellent opportunities to offer learning experiences that are student-driven. It is not acceptable to have students packing up their bags and waiting around for the last 5-10 minutes because they finished early.

  • Continue modeling technology expectations for students. Students should not be using technology for personal entertainment during class time. This is a perfect time for setting or re-visiting classroom expectations. One practice that I have always found effective, in combination with active monitoring, is for student to always have their devices face-up laying on their desk/table.

3. 4/24 PLP Student Activity

As a result of space needs for the spring awards ceremony in May, we have decided to recognize the state-level award honorees in a separate ceremony. Their ceremony will be the student activity portion of the 4/24 PLP day. It will be a pep rally of sorts to recognize those students and their skills. The 5/18 spring awards ceremony will continue to recognize the teacher-nominated students.