Animals rights

By: Isaac Falls

Date: 12/4/14


I don't deserve this

Many animals are abused or abandoned each day. Hundreds of animals are thrown out of their home some are even killed activists are trying to stop this from happening pets are suffering through terrible times, they need our help.

Pounds are doing what they can to save animals, pounds receive as many as 20 pets a week, and pounds place about a hundred pets every week. Some pounds are given so many pets they must give them to another organisation so they could try and sell the pets but if they can’t find any other organisation then they would have no other choice but to put them down.

Faye Carely is trying to help to re-home animals Faye loves working for animal shelters, and seeing new dogs come and go to live a happier life. Faye even made her own facebook page and posts new pets that go for adoption every week. Plus did you know that almost 300,000 pets go for adoption every year! Faye gathered some friends together and helped made a local branch.

Teens are working together to save animals. Up at sparta high school a few students offered to help animals, and join the company B.A.R.K.S at B.A.R.K.S we scrub and paint cages for hrs. just to help pets. A kid named wenger booked a story called a dogs life and it shows how much dogs need our help. Teens gather together to help and support animals and to give them a new home. B.A.R.K.S is a fun rewarding organisation for workers and it is a non-profit organisation, with veterinarian care.

As much as all of these pets have lost their homes people tried so many things to do. pounds try what they can to give pets new homes but sometimes it just doesn't work they have to put them down or give them to another organization. Teens try all they can to give animals new homes. Next time you hear about this topic try and remember how much animals are suffering and how many of them are losing their chance of survival. and YOU can help stop this too!
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