Savvy Students

Spring Newsletter for Wyman/Holden Library

Spring Celebration!

As we slide into Spring, we're going to take a moment to celebrate all we've accomplished in our library classes. From Kindergarten to Sixth Grade, students have been sharing their strengths and stretching their knowledge.
Tiger Fact by Michelle
Second graders are sharing the facts they learned from reading nonfiction. Students are learning to give credit to their sources. The stop animation films were created using MyCreate and are hosted on my library page.

Student Choice

Student Strengths
Students are surveyed at the beginning of the school year and are assigned jobs in library according to their own assessment of their unique talents; artist, tech, writer, leader, researcher and musician. Fourth grade students are working in their groups on Biography Riddles. Finished products will be in the next newsletter.

Students Teaching Students

Sixth grade students are becoming the experts on topics of Internet Safety. As they finish their research, they are creating group Google Slide presentations. They will then teach the rest of the class about their subject.


Art, Music, Physical Education, and Science Itinerants are working toward adding Blended Learning in their classrooms. To help support them, I have added Subject Guides to my online library for each of the special areas. Each page has websites and ideas that may be of help in a blended classroom. Art, Music, Science, Physical Education