Analog VS Digital

By: Annie Koller

Examples of Analog signals:

Examples of Digital:

The Diffrences beetween Analog and Digital signals

1. The waves are different.
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2. Analog signals have continuous variables where as digital signals have a limited amount of variables.
3. Digital recordings are made with ones and zeros where as analog is made with bumps and dips.

Diffrences between Analog and Digital Technology:

1. When a device receives an analog signal, it uses the actual wave to produce sound.
2. When a device receives a digital signal it uses snapshots of the wave to produce sound. it does not use the actual thing.
3. When a device receives an analog signal there is better sound quality than a digital signal.

Which one is better?: Analog or Digital?

I believe that Analog is better than digital.

Reason #1- Even though digital is more modern, I believe that analog is better than digital because your getting the real wave witch creates a better sound quality and picture. Digital is only pictures of the wave not the wave its self. this will make the sound quality and picture less clear.
Reason #2- Even though digital signals can travel faster, analog is continuous and more accurate than digital values are.
Reason #3- Even though digital signals can transfer more data it contains a more complex system than analog. Analog is a lot less complex.