Unbalanced and Balanced Forces

May the Christmas Force be with you!

Balanced Forces

They are forces that are not causing a change in motion. Elf touches Rudolph's nose here and Rudolph does not get pushed back (showing balanced forces)

Balanced Forces

Balanced forces are not moving (stopped or at rest). Snoopy is at rest in this image, illustrating that no forces are acting on him and he is balanced.

Charlie Brown is standing still, which is another example of balanced forces. The total NET forces acting on him balance out. Like if gravity pulling him down is only 50 Newtons, and the ground pushing him up is only 50 Newtons... then the NET force is 0 N.

Balanced Forces

Balanced forces are when the two forces acting on an object are equal. If this occurs, the object does not move.

In the picture, you see the boys tongue stuck to a pole. It is frozen on the pole and the force of the boy pulling is equal to the force of the Pole holding his tongue. Therefore, he cannot remove his tongue and it is balanced. I bet the boy wishes it were not balanced though.


Unbalanced Forces

The 3 images above are illustrating how unbalanced forces cause a change in motion. A stronger (or heavier) force can make the Net forces unbalanced and that leads to a movement, a change in direction, or a change in speed.

In the video clip below (of the Grinch sleigh ride) we see lots of Unbalanced forces acting on the sleigh, the Grinch and the dog (Max). The snow (ice) does not have enough friction to stop the sled and the pull of gravity causes the sled to fly downward.
grinch sleigh

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