Josey Needs a good Home

Great family friendly cat looking for new home

Looking for a great house cat?

This is Josey and she is looking for a good home. Josey has been in the Fayette County Animal Shelter for months now and the shelter needs to make room for new strays. We have been helping Josey by finding foster families but now it is time Josey finally finds the right person to adopt her.

Josey has all her shots and has even been spayed so their is no cost involved with adopting her. She just needs a loving family to take her in.

Josey is very friendly and gets along well with other animals. She loves to sit on your lap or just lounge around the house. She is great with kids and ready to be loved

Call us if your interested

We can be reached at 678-491-6222 to answer any questions you might have. Just ask for Olivia or Carter when you call and let them know you are interested in Josey.