April Tech Tools and Tips

April 2014

Only2Clicks on the MJSD Homepage

You now can have access to the MJSD Only2Clicks pages while at home! You can find a link to this under Parent/Student Links and Staff Links.

Emailing All Staff in a Grade Level

Just as you can email all staff in a building, you can also email all teachers in the elementary grade levels.







Photo Effects in Prezi

New to Prezi, when you upload a photo you can apply visual effects to your pictures. When you upload pictures to Prezi, you can also put frames around the pictures. Play around with this to add to your Prezi presentations.

Talking Avatars

Here is an easy way to have students create an avatar that can hold a student's voice. The website you can use is called Voki. Student can create a free account on Voki. You have to go into your email account you sign up with and confirm that Voki account. Then when you log into Voki, the user is given a sample Voki that they can customize any way they would like. Vokis can be people, dogs, cats or cartoon characters.

Once the avatar is created, the user can record their own voice using a phone to call in, a computer with a built in microphone or a microphone plugged into a computer.

Click below to see and listen to a Voki.

Connecting with Parents

Looking for a way to connect with your student's parents? Here are some ways to update parents and guardians of the happenings in your classroom.

Class Messenger - powered by Scholastic - communication with parents through email, text or mobile app.

  • Can be used through Smartphones and on the web.

  • Teachers, here is how to build a class on Class Messenger.

  • The app is available and free for Android and iOs.

Remind101 - Learn more about this tool HERE.

  • Can be used through Smartphones with texting and on the web with emails.

  • The app is available and free for Android and iOs.