Operating Systems

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Basic definition and what they do!

  1. A operating system is a cheep program that manages all of the hardware and software on the computer , making sure both of them work properly together. Every computer has a operating system to do the basic tasks like recognizing when the keyboard is being pressed changing the picture on your monitor. Some of the better and bigger operating systems have to do other things like making sure all of the systems on the computer don't interfere with each other .

Types of operating systems

Types of operating systems:

Windows xp

windows 7



Apple ; they all have their advantages and disadvantages; there are a lot more operating systems but these are just a few of them and all of them have the same concept but all run in different ways. There are 4 essential managers of the operating systems:

The Process mgr

File mgr

memory mgr

device mgr

And the operating system acts as their boss , making sure that they all work in harmony and do not interfere with each other.

History of operating systems!

Here is a video of the history of operating systems. It is very in depth.
The History of Operating Systems

The differences betwenn operating systems