Futuristic high-tech watch

This is even better than an apple watch!

Are you bored???

Are you bored of having a plain old watch! I sure am, so why don't get the all new, special edition, ultimate multi tasking watch! This will do all the work for you! We are in the process of creating a totally unique piece of equipment that is different to any other piece of hi-tech gear. We aim to be on the market by March 1st 2034. We hope you keep tuned for our latest news and updates. This is totally unique compared to any other watch like this. We are aiming to have sold over 4500 watches by September 2034 then we will expand our market to the US as well as the UK.

This is how it works

There are lots of different buttons, one for turning the watch on and off, self destructing, one for seeing a photo in 3D (hologram), and many other buttons, for things like apps and games. We are currently working with the apple genius bar to create wonders!

Why is it useful?

This watch is very useful as instead of having to get your phone or Ipad and searching something, you just have it all on this watch! It is also very light so your wrist will not ache from wearing it all day. You can also contact people using this watch, and you can check the weather with the weather app!

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What's the price and where can you get it ?

The price is £1,999

You can get it from any high-tech store or cafe2u store

When you buy one before the 28th July 2034 you get one half price !!!!!!!!!!!

What a bargain !


Wednesday, March 1st 2034 at 9pm


made by us (the genii from the apple genius bar)

our workstation is set up in the apple genius bar, our crew includes Jemima Watfunkle, Annabeeb Hoopsheir, Pippa Hayes. And many others from the genius bar, and don't forget the others from Cafe2u. Wait I don't need my tablet anymore I've got my EPIC watch!!!!!


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Jemima Watfunkle CEO of Apple Genius Bar

Annabeeb Hoopsheir CEO of Cafe2u

Pippa Hayes CEO of Stranger Danger at the Apple Genius Bar

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