Chief Howling Wind

Asia/Beringia/North America-10-50,000 years ago

I do not believe anyone else should have credit for the land of America besides I Chief Howling Wind.

Chief Howling Wind and the Native Americans deserve the credit for discovering America.

I Chief Howling Wind take credit for the discovery of America. My men and I were the first to reach america by Alaska. Blood and earwax samples show Asian genetic markings in Native Americans. Which explain that we left form Asia and then traveled across the land bridge from Siberia towards Alaska. We also traveled with the ice age that was happening at the same time. Along our journey we killed mammoths for food and for the high fame and rewards.

Columbus does not deserve credit for discovering America.

Columbus is well known as this amazing explore that discovered the land of America, but I've known him as a nasty, greedy, and selfish man. Going back I remember he Columbus was known as the greedy one who received a bigger portion of the money from Ferdinand and Isabella than the Tanios did. They were able to get a bigger and more powerful weapon supply. He also wanted to take advantage of the little gold on the Tanios land. Columbus took advantage of his men and ordered them to kill and protect others.

Leif Ericsson and Bjarni Herjulfssin do not have enough evidence that they both discovered America's land first. Columbus isn't the one I would rely on, but in this case he was totally correct that the brothers Leif and Bjarni were no where near to be finding America. Bjarni was even disliked form his voyage because he didn't even get to the land and get off, he just stayed on the boat and sailed. Lief Ericsson was the other brother that sailed after, but had no proof besides the map. There is proof on the map of his route, but was it enough to persuade everyone that he discovered the land?

Prince Madoc of Whales

Prince Madoc wasn't a successful tribe at all. When they reached near the Missouri River they were slaughtered by what were known as the half breed Indians born as Mandans Indians. The evidence they had was pretty seldom like: they were wrote in the epic poem "Madoc" and the Mandans are found in art which made people believe that it was true that Prince Madoc of Whales tribe was present back then.

Brendon the Bold

I don't believe Brendon should get credit because Irishman, Tim Severin was able to recreated the voyage in 1976. Someone shouldn't get any credit for an exact replica of a failure tribe. Brendon the Bold also had evidence form maps and books, but is it enough evidence to be named the first to find America?

Hoei- Shin

Hoei-Shin an explore who believes he deserves credit, but doesn't know for sure even if his diary was fact. Hoei-Shin had wrote a diary along his way to America about tribes, customs, appearances, and leaders. There isn't any real evidence what it is true, but from talk they say it is accurate.

Video talking about who discovered America.

Who Really Discovered America -History Channel-01

By: Rebecca Lulling