Hey, Trusted Advisor!

Are you missing the BP boat?

The average BP business claim is over $200,000.

Your clients who own businesses, work, or live in the Deepwater Horizon settlement zones may be eligible to participate in the largest class action settlement in history. As their advisor, failing to make them aware of this fact will most certainly compromise your credibility with your clients. And, time is running out.

They will hear about the settlement from someone else and the last question they will ever ask you will be “Why didn’t you mention this to me?” Saying “I didn’t really understand the whole settlement,” or “I wasn't set up to run all of the calculations," or "I was swamped with my tax clients," will be the last answer you provide.

ClaimsComp can help

We know you want to give your clients the best service possible. To do that, you will need to get up to speed quickly on the recent BP settlement. The official court website is www.deepwaterhorizonsettlements.com.

You can also visit our website www.claimscomp.com and download a free ebook on the settlement. You can learn about economic loss zones and industries that qualify.

You will need to inform your clients about the Deepwater settlement. You can connect your client with a firm that has experience in class action claims. If you refer your clients to ClaimsComp, within minutes, they can register in our system and have a secure link to start the process. For this, we will gladly pay you a referral fee.

We can perform "turn key" behind the scenes claims processing for you. We would be an extension of your office. You collect the data and turn it over to us. We will qualify the claim. We will accurately perform the financial calculations, submit, and track the claim. If you need the claim status, just pick up the phone or email, and we will have an answer.

ClaimsComp has built the leading processing platform for BP Deepwater Horizon claims in the country. No other firm has the experience we do in successfully obtaining claim settlements. We have filed more than 180,000 claims and recovered over $240 million since 1999. We simply have more claims experience than anyone. Let's work together so everyone wins. Give me a call or email. We will come up with a plan that works.