Caldecott Award

By: Katherine


The Funny Little Woman story is about this old lady who lives in Japan. She loved to laugh and she loved her dumplings. But one day she lost her precious dumpling and went on this adventure to find it. Then she found out that she wasn't making dumplings very fast. Then this person captured her and they went to this dark cave. But it turned out he was trying to help her make them go faster. then he gave her a magic paddle and she returned to her shop and the paddle made it so fast she was the richest in the town.

Arlene Mosel and Blair Lent Information

The author is Arlene Mosel and the illustrator is Blair Lent. The year they got the medal was in 1973. My authors purpose was to inform the reader and teach them a lesson. Some interesting facts about the illustrator are that she was born, on January 20 ,1930 Boston MA. Another is that she got her education from School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts. Next is that she got the Caldecott Award. Her nominations are National book award for children books. Then she died on January 27, 2009 Meford, MA. I think why my book won the Caldecott was because each of the pictures match the words and it had a lot of japan things and it told about there culture and the book just tells a great story.

This is not my hat compared to The Funny little woman

The differences of this is not my hat and my book I did were, I thought that the book this is not my hat was to perswade and entertain the reader. Another is that the criteria of this book is different because there is not that many detailed pictures also it had shorter sentences. Another difference is that it is in a whole different setting. These were some of the differences from to way different books.