Identity and Gender


I am Anthony. I'm funny, young, playful, and i'm smart. I have 18 brothers and sisters, not by the same parent though, so i guess they're all considered half. I think highly of myself but not all the time, sometimes i feel low but not alot, but thats kind of normal from what i see in other people. I am also a very curious person, i want to know everything and the reasons.

Sir Toby is a very interesting person. He's a real troublemaker. He lives with his niece who's Lady Olivia, she doesn't support his habits. He's drinker so he drinks often and drunk people do deranged things without much emotion, so Sir Toby does deranged things without much emotion. Sir Toby supports his habits from gaining money.


I'm a male. My gender pretty much allows me to alot with not many limitations except goin to the girls bathroom maybe. Males are allowed to work everywhere females on the other side are not. I'm also not as watched after as much as my sisters so i have more freedom. Also because im a boy I'm expected to get things on my own where females usually have things handed to them.

Sir Toby is a male also. His gender doesn't allow him to do much though. He doesn't have a wife so he doesn't have a house. He lives with his neice Lady Olivia. And also most of the females that iv'e experianced from the play they have the freedom and the men aren't allowed to do alot.


I think people see me as funny. I make people laugh and do stupid things so they can laugh so that's the reason. People probably see the confidence in me too becaus i dont usually doubt myself but encourage myself. People who have seen me angry maybe think im crazy. My friends see me as loyal too because im always on their side no matter if they're right or wrong

Sir Toby is seen as many things. People see Sir Toby as a alcoholic. He has a habit to drink a lot. Sir Toby is seen as Sir Andrew's best friend. Sir toby is also seen as a instigator. He starts conflicts between other people and himself.