Iguana Info

May 2-6

This week

The Iguanas have had an amazing week doing letter review and talking about Cinco De Mayo and Mothers Day! We continue to go over all the letters we have learned- our class has the alphabet down, we are so proud! We have also been busy getting ready for the Mother's Day Tea, making our flower pots and cards. On Friday, we celebrated with out moms and grandmas! In science this week, Mrs. Vaden talked about the difference between fish, mammals, and amphibians. It has been a blast!

What's next?

Ocean and water safety! We will talk about summer safety and learn about ocean life! We will continue going over letters and numbers.


* Field day is on Thursday at 11:00 in the gym! All parents are welcome to come and please bring cameras!

*Friday will be a class alphabet party. In each Friday Folder, we included the letter(s) assigned to your child. Bring the food items in the morning on Friday and we will have a lunch alphabet party!

*Be sure to turn in library books if you have not yet. We are done with library on wheels for the year!

*Scholastic Book orders are due today!

It was so much fun seeing all the moms and grandmothers this morning! We hope everyone has a very Happy Mother's Day!

*Thank you parents for the wondering teacher appreciation lunch and desserts!!! We feel so loved and have had the BEST year with this class!!!!