Louis Vuitton

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Personal Statistis


*learned from working by napoleon the 3 as his wife layetier

*in 1854 Vuitton married 17yr old Clemence-Emilie parriaux

*Early Designing Experience

*did not retire he continued to operate out of 1 Rue Scribe, innovating high-quality, luxury luggage, until he died on February 27, 1892, at the age of 70.

*died February,27,1892

Famous For & Decade Influences

innovating high-quality, luxurious bags,accessories,clothing line.

the decade he influence was the 50's.


he won a bronze medal at the 1867 worlds fair

he also won a gold medal at the 1889 world's fair both held in paris.

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Louis Vuitton styles

. He is known for combining quality fabrication with innovative designs to reflect the needs of customers and the ever-changing modes of world travel.

Price Range & More

designer couture it's very high end clothing and accessories. His prices go from 550.00 to,150.00 and depending on when and what you get the prices could possibly rise even higher.
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designer and entrepreneur louisvuitton was born on august,4,1821 in anchay, a small hamlet in the eastern France mountainous. As a teenager Vuitton was taken in as a apprentice in the workshop of a successful box-maker and packer named monsieur marechal. In the 19 century Europe, box making was a highly respectable and urbane craft.