Mantled Howler Monkey


The mantled howler monkey is a large and stocky. It has black fur except for its face which is furless and bearded. The males also have a larger hyoid bone. The newborns have silver or golden brown fur. The length of the tail ranges from 520 to 670 mm and the length of the body ranges from 380 to 580 mm. The howls of this monkey can be heard from over a km away.


Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class: Mammalia; Order: Primates; Family: Atelidae; Genus: Aloutta; Species: Palliata.


You can find the mantled howler monkey in Mexico, Ecuador, EL Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Columbia, Hondurus, Guatamala, and Nicaragua. The howler monkey prefers to live in lowlands in forests or rain forests. They are most commonly found in montane rain forests.


The mantled howler monkey eats mostly leaves but will also eat flowers and fruits. The mantled howler monkey seems to base its food choices on the amounts of protein and fiber in the fruit. The howler monkey will only eat certain parts of certain plants. They will also occasionally raid bird nests. Mantled howler monkeys can live on leaves alone for months.

Threats and Solutions

The endangerment of the mantled howler monkey is being caused by the destruction of the rain forests. These monkeys are also being hunted for food. Some areas are being set up as reservations. There are still many places that are being destroyed along with the monkeys in it. What can be done to help is to set up laws against hunting mantled howler monkeys and decrease deforestation. In Genesis God gives us dominion over all animals. He tells us to care for them and protect them. What I can do to help is raise money and get word around about what deforestation is doing to these animals.
Howler Monkeys Howling