First Grade Forest

Ms. Briggs' Class

Cool this week!

Short week for the students this week and next! No school Friday and Monday.

We are hibernating own acorn seeds to prepare them for planting. Ask your kids about the grub worm that pop out of the acorn. Our science lesson was so real life!

Kate had a birthday this week. Check out the article on her in the news letter.

Come Share with Us!!!

We are learning about community members in social studies and would love to hear how our families are contributing to our community. This is sorta like a career day! On Thursday, October 9th, all of 1st grade would love for any family membere friend to come and share a cool role that he or she has in the community. To sign up, please follow the link. If you wold like to share but cannot attend I would love to share to the kids any information that you provide. A picture, a video, a statement or product would be greatly appreciated.


Pizza Hut encourages kids to read by providing teachers with personal pan pizzas to give to students once per month. Your child will get a personal pan pizza if the reading long is complete. I am lowering the time of reading between 12-15 as the requirement. Please do note that the more you read with your kids, both you reading and your student reading, the percentage of world experience, vocabulary, reading, and intelligence increase. There is no penalty for missing homework but a reward if it is completed. Math homework gets 4 dojo points. Thank you!

We are having a great time. Be sure add a class dojo account

Claxton International Potluck

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 5:30pm

Claxton Cafeteria, Claxton Elementary School

Bring a dish, bring a souvenir of your culture, bring a friend!

next week

Fundations Unit 3

Math Test Tuesday! Number sense and counting to 120!

Start on Shapes!

Habit 2: begin with the end in mind