Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 1st May 2015

What have we done this week?

We have:

  • Learnt about some of the different tools and weapons used in the Stone Age
  • Had a go at shaping and creating our own replica Stone Age tools using a bar of soap and wooden tools
  • Had a go at being paleontologists by piecing together the 'fossilized bones' of a mammoth
  • Written descriptive paragraphs about a scene from the Stone Age using our senses
  • Learnt about division and multiplication as inverse operations (Ms Bintcliffe) and adding and subtracting 9 and 11 (Miss Macdonald)

Next Week

  • Creating our own story boards to show an element of Stone Age history through a story and working together to create the scene out of modelling clay and other materials
  • Creating our own stop motion films using the set and recording the story over the top