Morning Notes

Monday 10 March

Taster Day Student

JJ Fisher will be joining Grade 9 today for a full taster day! Please make him feel welcome. Thank you!

Check out Grade 7's PSE Campaign

Click the link below:

Free money! Free laptops! Free ipads! Free chocolate!

This is a lie, this was just to get your attention, go cry in a corner by yourself, and come to Ms. Zago's room at lunchtime on Wednesday if you are in Grade 8. This is not optional, it is mandatory, and the secret police will find your family if you don't come.

Message from Gin Club!

Hello, this is the GIN Club here to present the Habitat Project. You may have noticed the 10 photos of various habitats on the hub door (at the bottom). The GIN Club is trying to raise funds for one of these habitats, but it's up to you to decide which one. We have sent out a Google Form with the options, be sure to fill it out this morning.

iPad updates

To all students:

We hope all students updated their iPads over the weekend. If you need any assistance, please see Mrs. Crannell who will be in tomorrow all day.

Thank you.

Remember one of our School Rules? No Gum!

Please remember that you are not allowed to chew gum at Halcyon.

Thank you.

Upcoming Trip: EAL Podcast Walk, Thursday 13 March

Students Mavi, Fra, Hermione, Dada, Hans and Frida will take part in an EAL Podcast walk on Thursday 13 March. The trip will be leaving right after lunch.

Students must bring sensible walking shoes, waterproof clothing/ an umbrella, and a charged iPad.

Monday’s Menu


White Bean, Pasta and Swiss Chard served with bread

Main Course:

Pasta Arrabiata with Green Peas


Spinach & Onion Quiche with garnish

Salads & Sides:

Mixed Salad

Corn and Black Bean


Patsy’s Chocolate Sponge Cake


Fresh Fruit



Lost and Found items?

Please visit Mia in the school office on the 1st floor.

Lost items:

2 Halcyon PE jumpers,

1 blue knit Gap jumper

1 Grey Super dry long sleeved shirt

A plastic budgens bag containing an umbrella and camera lens.