The Olympic Rings!

The Great Olympians Rise again!

They Win Again!

Men`s basketball 2012 olympics By: Hunter Frum

The US team rallies with one more gold to add to their collection. Under head coach Mike Krzyzewski they beat out nigeria,australia,argentina and spain for the gold. Lebron james lead the team to one more gold. though he is questionable about 2016 games in Rio
The team included Lebron james, Kobe bryant, Carmelo anthony, Kevin durant and many more talented players. This is the second gold in the olympics for Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo, durant and Chris Paul.
This the head coach Mike Krzyzewski last year he said in an interview.He said he is happy with two gold medal victories around his belt is amazing!

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The Furious Five are at it again!

By Chloe Hansen

There she goes...... and she sticks the landing! Wow what an amazing performance by Ally Raisemens! That was unbelievable! Ally Raisemen was on her last trick, the American team was in second place for the gold and all they needed was a tenth of a point! Shes on the last corner... and there she goes.. and she stick the landing of a double arraving into a perfect split jump! Her score was a 15.6 !

The U.S Olympic team has won They stood hand in hand, the five of them, looking up at the scoreboard with their hearts thumping out of their leotards, wanting to make sure that some cosmic computer glitch hadn’t deprived them of the most resounding victory in the annals of modern gymnastics.That was such a surprise to look up and see we won by five points,” said Aly Raisman, after she’d captained the United States women’s team to a scary but facsanating moment of there lifes! I thought at last year’s worlds winning by four points was unheard of, so to win by five is amazing.”

“That was such a surprise to look up and see we won by five points,” said Aly Raisman, after she’d captained the United States women’s team to a jaw-dropping triumph over the country that once owned the women’s sport. “That’s huge. I thought at last year’s worlds winning by four points was unheard of, so to win by five is amazing.”
The final score was US 183.596, Russia 178.530 and Romania 176.414 with the Chinese, who’d won in their home gym in 2008, finishing fourth, and it was all but over before the Americans took the floor for the finale. Even the Magnificent 7, who stopped the Russians’ streak of 10 gold medals in Atlanta, didn’t win by anywhere near that margin.

We have a great olyimpic team! We should be very proud!

Megan Hodge's Life Story

By Enya Fleshman

Megan Hodge was born on October 15,1988. She was born at St. Thomas, Virgin Island, and moved to Durham when at the age of three. Megan moved to Durham because her mom earned her Medical Doctor degree, at a University in North Carolina. Her mother and her father played volleyball when they were younger. Her mother played at George Washington University. Her dad played at the University of Virgin Island. Megan started to play volleyball at the age of 12.

At her junior and senior years, she was named the 2006 Gatorade National Player of the Year. In high school Hodge was selected as the best girl volleyball player in North Carolina history. In July 2, 2012, Megan was selected as most valuable player of the FIVB World Grand Prix. Megan lead the team in total points. Megan’s goal is to goal is to lead the team to victory in most of their games.

Megan Hodge is going to get married next summer. Her fiance’s name is Omari. “ My family and I are going to grow fond of Omari,” Hodge says. She also said that the reason she played volleyball was because “It was cool and a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity to show the work they put in everyday.”

London 2012 Olympic Swimming

By Padyn Reep

The London 2012 Olympic swimming was as fast as always. There was a lot of highlights from the London games. Michael Phelps winning by 0.1 seconds coming in with 4 gold medals, The women’s swim team coming home with 8 gold medals, and Missy Franklin coming home with 4 gold medals and 1 bronze medal.

The Olympic Games have been held all over the world since 776 B.C, And it still brings cheers and tears to people all over the world. Swimming has been held at the Olympics since the Olympics started. It was 1899 when the first pool was built ( They used lakes and seas instead of pools at that time). It wasn’t till 1908 until the Olympics actually started using a pool for racing and other stuff instead of something like Plunge for Distance, Underwater Swimming Race, and the Underwater Obstacle Course that they played in lakes/ seas/ etc..

The people that were picked for the Olympics Mens Team consisted of Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian, and Cullen Jones.
The women’s team consisted of Missy Franklin, Jessica Hardy, Lia Neal, and Allison Schmitt. Both team’s combined brought home 18 medals. And the whole U.S team brought home 104 medals claiming victory for the U.S. The Olympics were a blast this year and I know people all over the world are waiting for the Summer Olympics to come back in 2016.