Professional Boxing

Alex Dunahoo

When Did It Start?

The beginning of boxing can be traced all of the way back to the Ancient Greeks. Over time, boxing has evolved into the sport that we know today. It went through many different eras and the rules changed regularly.

A New Era

In 1866, the Marquess of Queensberry, gave his support to a new set of rules, which were then named after him. The "Queensberry" Rules stated that the opponents had to wear padded gloves, that the round had to last three minutes (with a one minute break in between), that all fighting was forbidden that was not with the hands (so no kicking, biting, or gouging), and if the fighter was on the ground for more than ten seconds he was beaten.

The 20th Century

In America in the 20th century, boxing was the quickest way to glory and wealth. The rise of professional boxing in the 20th century, was due to the rise of immigration from mainly the irish and Italians, but they came from all over the world(including African Americans.) These fighters would fight for money as well as for fun. Boxing was a very important pastime in the early 1900's.

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion. His parents were ex-slaves and he was born in Texas. Johnson won his first ever fight and won $1.50. His fame and fortune continued to grow from there.
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John L. Sullivan

John Sullivan was born to an Irish family in Boston. Sullivan was the embodiment of the fighting Irish spirit. He was a fighter ever since he was a kid. Sullivan ruled as the Heavyweight Boxing Champion from 1882 to 1892. John ushered the boxing from bare knuckle into the modern gloved era. He was the America's first sport superstar and was the first athlete to earn 1 million.
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Professional boxing has been a very good pastime in the history of America. Many different types of boxing came from this first kind. (like the UFC and the WWE.) Americans love boxing and watching people get punched in the face.


It has given Americans jobs and a form of entertainment. It made a lot of money and helped boost the economy of America. It gave Americans a sense of security in the hard times.