Where would I want to live ?

By : abby alvarez

Why Florida ?

Although New Hampshire is a very safe environment for both children and adults , I would love to live somewhere less cold and far away from the place I grew up . I feel that New Hampshire is a very boring state . Florida has a much lively feel . Its warmer and there is way more to do there . Why stay in a place where you feel trapped when you could live a more active lifestyle in a beautiful state like Florida ?
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The sunshine state !

Don't get me wrong , there are plenty of negative things you could argue to prove that Florida isn't all its said to be , but I think the positives definitely over power the negatives . The crime rate in Florida is about 65.9 % and its economy hasn't returned to pre recession levels , but improvement is steady if slow . Next , the climate is very humid , but personally, I don't mind being warm . Id much rather be sweating year round than be in an ice box for even half a year like new Hampshire or Canada . Florida is second in the nation in educational progress over the past 10 years . Florida has no income tax. I also like that all religions and races are welcome . In December of 2013 , the unemployment rate was at 6.2 % . Not bad if you ask me . Lastly , recreation like public parks , beaches and activity centers and very famous amusements parks are open to all citizens .
Top Reasons Why You Should Live in Florida

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The Granite state !

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New Hampshire is similar and different from Florida in many ways . New Hampshire also has a very low crime rate of about 30,980 incidents. In new Hampshire we experience all 4 seasons while Florida has humidity year round . The schools in new Hampshire are also very good . Our very own Pinkerton academy is known as one of the best high schools in the country . The unemployment rate is 5.2% The racial makeup is mainly of the Caucasian ethnicity at 91.4% . We have no sales tax but the 3rd highest property tax in the U.S. All religions are welcome just like in Florida . lastly , public parks and lakes are available to all citizens .


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True North Strong and Free !

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Although Canada is its own country , we have alot of cultural similarities . A specific area in Canada would be Quebec. in Quebec , serious crime has never been a big problem . They are said to have a charming, sleepy type government . They experience average climate, just like New Hampshire with all 4 seasons . They have very harsh , cold winters and fairly warm summers at about 75 degrees average . They lose out on economic benefits . They have alot of universities and great diversity . They're always looking for ways to improve the excellence of their education system , just like New Hampshire and Florida . The unemployment rate stays at 7% , although, 7000 jobs were lost in February of 2014 . The racial make up is mostly of the french descent , but Irish , Italian English, and German are also common as well as many other races . Their religion is roman catholic mostly, but all religions are welcome. Lastly , They have provinces, sports and indoor camps for kids as recreation and entertainment .