Hugo Chavez

By: Mackenzie Fraitzl

Biographical Profile

Hugo Chavez was on a political rise in 1992-1998. Chavez went on a 100-day tour around the country promoting his Bolivarian cause of social revolution. During the 1998 election, Irene Sáez the took the lead but Chavez was rising in populatity and he soon won the election with 56.2% of the vote. Chavez lead his first presidential term from February 1999- January 2001. During this time Chavez still believed that Capitalism was still a valid economic model for Venezuela. Chavez served his second term as President of Venezuela from January 2001- January 2007. Chavez was re-elected with a 59.76% vote. During this term Chavez helped to further his ties with the Cuban government under Fidel Castro. Venezuela's growing alliance with Cuba was happening at the same time its relationship with the Unites States started deteriorating. In January of 2007 Chavez was re-elected for a second time with 63% of the votes. After Chavez's third victory he promised an "expansion of the revolution". Chavez's presidential term ended in January 2013, and on March 5, 2013 Chavez died at the age of 58. Chavez defined his political position as Bolivarianism, and ideology that he developed from Simón Bolívar.

Hugo Chavez On George Bush


In this video president Chavez is talking about the United States' president at the time George W. Bush. President Chavez is talking about how President Bush is a danger and how he is a coward and how most people are against President Bush. The United States and Venezuela use to keep close ties but as soon as Chavez started becoming allies with Cuba under Fidel Castro, Venezuela and Chavez started turning on and hating the United States, this is where Venezuela started to become a dictatorship. This is what the video is showing; Chavez's hatred towards the United States.


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Essential Question

How has Hugo Chavez's three presidential terms effect how Venezuela is today?