By: Macy

What Is Annotating?

Annotating is when you write down your thinking in words on/next to the article or passage you are reading.

How Do You Annotate?

How you annotate is while you are reading, you need to underline information that is:






Also, make connections from the TEXT to YOURSELF, TEXT to TEXT, TEXT to WORLD, and/or TEXT to MEDIA.

Then, stop and write down WHY you underlined that sentence. Ask yourself "Why is that particular sentence so special to me?"(THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!)

Why Is Annotating So Important?

Annotating can keep you focused and engaged in the text, and it can help if you need information to answer questions to find it easier. I think it is easy to make connections when you annotate because all you are doing is relating something that happened in your life and relating it to something in the text. Annotating helps with summarizing, finding the main idea, and making inferences.

What's The Purpose Of Annotating??

The purpose of annotating is to explain your thoughts that you want to share or write down while reading. People thing that the purpose of annotating is just to write down things in the margins of the passage but it really makes a difference because it helps you a lot by you gathering your connections and thoughts and writing how you feel about it.

Why Should You Annotate?

Some reasons why you should annotate is ........

~It can help you with understanding the text better because you can rephrase whatever sentence you don't understand and put it in your own words~

~You can also write down anything you want to know or you can ask questions about the text to help you understand it better~

~You can write down your feeling about the text about the characters, setting, actions, etc.

What Can You Annotate?

There are many different things you can annotate like.......



~short stories


How to Annotate A Text