July Fireworks & A NEW FALL LINE!!!

I love this time of year....

Middle of Summer Bliss

So I know we are still literally in the middle of summer but as a Stella and Dot stylist this is when I get excited and think ahead!! I know months beginning with J like June and July can be slower but we didn't let that stat slow us down in June! We had an AMAZING June as a team and did almost $20,000 in sales!! Thats amazing for a J month and one at the start of summer! Makes me so so so proud! So thats why I am excited because I know we can keep the momentum rolling thru June right into our busiest and best selling season which is the FALL AND HOLIDAY SEASON! AND in just a little over a week our new FALL LINE debuts and Fall line is always the best of the entire year and every year is better than the last...I am counting down the days until it is ready to see and order at Hoopla!

So let's plan ahead....get your letters for your J-U-L-Y Booking incentive...some of you have J some of you have J-U and a few have the entire word...which means you are in for 4 fab prizes!! And JUST FYI I just ordered one of the Trunk Show Exclusives for July to give as one of the prizes.....and its a HOT ONE! One of the bigger ones...and you will LOVE it! And of course the other prizes are great as well! So get your JULY rolling on with those 4 (or MORE!) trunk shows and lets plan ahead for August and September and October...I always plan 3 months ahead and feel like it gives me the best mindset and calmness going into a month! So who's with me on that??? Get your July solid like you want it and plan ahead...this is the EASIEST and BEST Time to book shows because you have end of summer. start of fall, not as much traveling and of course....FALL DEBUT SHOWS! Need an extra inventive to get that dream hostess to say Yes?? Offer to bring the bubbly or cupcakes! It works! Let's do this!

$500 for $99 and Glam Getaway

Did you see this???

Did you see the cute and super fab prizes for the Glam Getaway???? Not only are they allowing us to earn a sweet all inclusive trip to a place thats a surprise (can't wait to find out at Hoopla!) but you can earn different levels and earn SUPER CUTE travel bags!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on these soon...what is your goal?? Below is a cute way to track your goals and what you need to do to get there!

How close are you to getting $500 of the new Fall line for just $99??? Check your tracker in your Monthly Rewards and see...you have until July 10th to do it (thats Thursday!!!)

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She did what????

These ladies ROCKED IT OUT!!!

Top in Sales:

1. Becca Scott--$2990--proud much?? Well I am for sure!!! Keep it up Rockstar!

2. Sandy Munoz--$1995--all your Amazing Hard Work paid off and this is just the start!

3. Katie Timp--$1876--just a regular on this list and future Senior and Star!

4. Sabrina Deel--$1702--she worked for this and made it happen! So proud!

5. Kelly Bright--$1230--you are a bit excited aren't you Kelly?? Yes you are!!


1 new Stylist--Jenny Mason Palmer

1 new Stylist--Sandy Munoz

Welcome our new Southern Bling Team Members:

Carissa Szuch

Yury Soto

Dot Dollars ORDERS!

They give us Dot Dollars in June for a reason! So we can help our July Sales because they know it may be a bit slower...so TAKE Advantage! Even though your customers will get their emails, email them, call them, let them know they have their Dot Dollars and you don't want them to miss out on them!!! Don't let them go unused PLUS it helps your monthly sales a TON!!! Also, thats a great plug in to mention a debut Fall Trunk Show as well!


This is what you want to see...it's ok! I get it:)

Sale over $1500 in July--get a pair of earrings from the new Fall Line!

Sale over $2500 in July--get the earrings and a bracelet from the new Fall Line!

Sale $3200 or more in July--get the above PLUS a special secret piece from me!

Sponsor 1 new stylist who qualifies (1000 in sales)--get a necklace from the new fall line

Sponsor 2 new stylist who qualify--get a Bag from the new fall line!!

Sound good??? And lots of you earned some SWEET Prizes in June so if you don't hear form me REMIND ME to get them to you! Sometimes I have a million things in my head and i forget!:)