Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism - April 9, 2021

Leaf Tracker Update

In January, our children acquired 172 new skills.

In February, they acquired 249 new skills.

In March - it's our best month yet, with 288 new skills!

That brings our total for this year to 709 new skills. We are so proud of all their hard work!

Warm Weather Footwear

With the beautiful warmer weather, we'd like to take a minute to remind you to please continue to send your child in for therapy wearing socks and shoes that cover the entire foot and fit securely.

Crocs and sandals are NOT allowed in the centers. We have rolling chairs and stools, wood chips on our playgrounds, and climbing equipment indoors and out. Children MUST wear comfortable shoes that cover the entire foot, with no holes or openings that can allow toes to be injured or wood chips and dirt to get into the shoes.

That includes sandals that cover the toes but have openings on the sides. We do turn on the air conditioning in our centers in the summer, so we can assure you the kids won't be too hot with shoes and socks on.

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Meet Katie, Office Manager

Katie has been working at the Strive Center for Autism since October 2015. Katie has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Autism, from Western Michigan University.

She started at the Strive Center as an ABA Therapist and then began taking on the office manager duties.

Katie previously worked at Kaufman Children’s Center as an ABA Therapist for 4 years. She was a property manager with Village Green Management Company for 3 years.

She has 2 children and enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, organizing and crafts.

Brighton Center Door Lock

Brighton families - we have moved back to using our interior automatic lock during the day. This means the main front door will be unlocked, allowing staff and visitors to come into the vestibule. The two doors from the vestibule into the waiting room and treatment area will be closed and locked. Staff have key cards to allow them entry into the waiting area, but all others will need to ring the doorbell. This doorbell has a camera, and allows staff to "answer" the door and speak to guests without opening the door. Using this system keeps our building more secure, as it locks automatically and no one has to remember to lock the door when they go in and out. We will continue to clean the vestibule daily, including wiping down all the doorknobs and high touch areas.


Friday, April 23rd, 8:30am

Brighton, MI, USA

Brighton, MI

Brighton Center CLOSED for therapy on FRIDAY, APRIL 23rd for PCM training.