Countries of Centra/ Eastern Europe

By: DJ Layne

Czech Republic

- 78,866 square miles.


-Non violent transition

-Makes up most of the west ofCzech Republic

-Moravia is a historical country on the east


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-Slovakia earned their independence in 1993

-Total population is 5,397,036

-Collective farming has increased 6.5 times since the 1980s

-Human rights are not guaranteed in all parts of Slovakia

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-Ausrtia,Ottamon Empire,Soviet union


-93,030 sq km

-Lands of the hun

-Money and work

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-population is 21,,729,871

-Was president in 1974

-Russian miliatry threats

-Fanta is a soft drink created by Romania

-Their are over 240 gangs in Romania

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-The lions

-Parliementary Democracy

-Unemployment, aging population.

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-The black princess

-The cultural isolation collasped

-The revolution in 1989 caused a falling in communist states and eastern europe


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-A former federation of southeastern Europe.

-A closed relationship between the communist countries.

-The tension between the two were high.

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-They were a country in Southeast Europe

-They split in 1991

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-4.235 million

-The war that was fought in 1991 to 1995


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-2.06 million

-The crisis of the industrial industry has not gone through any major changes


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-An independence referendum was held on the 29th of February 1992.

-The conflicts were mostly with the Serbs.

-Coal, iron ore, copper

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-One gruop thought that Macedonia meaning meant something wrong, which caused conflicts on both sides.
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