Improval of Scientific Literacy

Work to help our students

Children in our country are significantly less knowledgeable than students in countries such as China. Their test scores show that strict teaching can help students to succeed while our students are pampered and told that scientific and mathematical prowess is something you either have or you don't. Do you know what sort of jobs we'd be missing out on due to our lack of education?


This is the study of active volcanoes. Wouldn't it be so cool to take a ride in a helicopter and watch an active volcano erupt, spewing its golden orange magma high in the air?

Robotic Engineer

This can be one of two things. It can either be the designing of a robot body. which is in and of itself undeniably cool. Or you could design the behaviors and brains of robots. That, in my humble opinion, is incredibly awesome!


You can help people to get better. Unhealthy people to become healthy people who get jobs. In some cases you can even study certain diets to learn how to expand the human life.
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These are all jobs that we could possibly lose. And these aren't even really big jobs! These are not big important jobs! Think of all that we could stand to lose. Because of what? Test scores! So work hard to bring up our scores so we won't lose to people over seas!
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