Bobby Seale

Black Panther


On October 22, 1936 Bobby Seale was born in Liberty, Texas. He was born to George Seale, a carpenter, and Thelma Seale, a homemaker. He is the eldest of three, having a younger brother and sister, Jon and Betty.

Early Life

The Seale family lived in poverty during most of Bobby's early life. While in Texas the family moved around a lot from Dallas, to San Antonio then to Port Arthur. That's when his parents decided to relocate to Oakland, California when Bobby was 8 years old. Seale attended Berkeley High School, then dropped out and joined the Airforce in 1955. 3 years later he was dishonorably discharged for fighting with a commanding officer. He found work as sheet metal mechanic and took high school classes at night. After earning his diploma he attended Merritt college until 1962 where he studied engineering and politics.

The beginning

While in college Seale joined Afro-American Association (AAA), a group on campus devoted to advocating black separatism. Through this group Seale met Huey P. Newton, they were both heavily influenced by Malcolm X. When he was assassinated in 1965 his teachings and Seales spirit created the Black Panther Party in 1966
1968- Seale wanted people to know about the formation and history of the black panther and wrote, Seize The Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton.

Bobby was on trial as one of the chicago 8, defendants charged with conspiracy and inciting riots in the wake of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, in Chicago. He was put in jail.

In 1970 he was released from lack of evidence.


This man along with Newton showed that integration was not necessary. He showed that blacks that non-violence wasn't their only option. He inspired people to stand up and fight back. He gave blacks something they never had an organized army basically, someone to shoot back for them.
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