William Randolph Hearst


Who is William Randolph Hearst?

He was born in April 29th, 1863. He is american newspaper publisher who built the nation's largest newspaper chain. He is a very influential person in the journalism industry. He received top notch education because his father was a multimillionaire. He was once expelled from Harvard.

His Work

Hearst was given full control of the San Francisco Examiner that was passed down from his father. Shortly after that, William moved to New York City and acquired the New York Journal and got into a rivalry with another famous publisher named Joseph Pulitzer. Joseph Pulitzer used to be Hearst's mentor. Later on, William Hearst created the Yellow Journalism. This became to be one of the largest chains.

Yellow Journal

At his peak, Hearst had around 30 different papers in major cities. After creating a large base, he decided to expand the business by working with magazines. One of the ways that Hearst's Paper became so popular is because he would take stories and dramatize them in such a way that people would go back to his paper for the scoop.

Spanish War and William Randolph Hearst

William's papers exaggerated the talk about the U.S.'s ships sinking in Havana Harbor on February 15th, 1898. At that time, that was a huge milestone for Yellow Journalism on the newspaper industry.