The Americas

The Inca By Javier, Jose, Eduardo, John, Raul


The Inca's didn't have a formal calendar but counted the lunation and also had two calendars solar and lunar.
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Maths/ Number System

They didn't have a writing system but had a mathematics system which was impressive for not having a writing system. They also had a quipu which was a storage device.
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They drew on rocks because they had no paper and drew pictures simple and clear because they had no writing system.
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They didn't have that much

technology or iron to build but they had communication and got stuff done

Art and Music

the inca use art and music to form there emotions and it sometimes used it for ritual
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Religious/ ritual/ Custom

They believe in there own god


Inca first appeared in the andes region during the 12th century

A.D. and gradually built a massive kingdom.

Folk Tales

we have indexed our nature American myths section by tribe to make them easier.


Despite the dowering reputation of egypts great

pyramids at giza.

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house and buildings

inca architecture includes some of the finest worked stone structures from any acient civilization. inca buildings were always practical and pleasant to the eye. most buildings were rectangular and only had one entrance and were made of blocks (only the finest).
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Tools and Work Animals

They used different forms of stones for their construction projects. Roughly shaped stones and mud to smoothen rough wall.
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around 2500BC people started faming , they started growing potatoes ,corn, cotton , and more.

Empire Layout

the empire was located in Cusco (Peru)
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The Incas developed along a strip that pretty much north and south along the western side of south America
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Transportation was done on foot however ,light loads (45k or less ) were carried by llamas
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In order to run the government , the Incas need food and resources which they got from taxes

Daily Life

A peasant would work hard ,they were expected to be working when they were not asleep .

A Noble lived the better way , they stilled worked but had jobs with the government ,they could own lands but didn't have to pay taxes