Irish Immigration to Texas

By Daniel Liu, 4th period Tx History

Ireland national Flag

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Ireland Corte de Arms (Coat of Arms)

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Push factors

Main push Factors.

1.Great Famine of 1840

2. End of 1800's land war.

The Irish people fled by the millions in the Famine of 1840, Ireland's population was greatly affected, as it has never recovered to the amount before the Famine

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The Irish settled all over Texas, but mainly in the Nuces river area.(hence the Mcmullen and Mcgloin contract.) They have settlements in most large Texas cities. Following in Abilene, Clifton, Dallas, Fort Davis, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Shamrock.

Irish Culture and influence in Texas.

The Irish People have notable impact on our culture today, as the annual St. Patrick's day parade for example,and they have heavily influenced our cultural beliefs today, as the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas is a good example; another one being Shamrock's St. Patrick's day festive, with parade, chili cook-off, Miss Irish Rose Pageant, beard contest, sheep-dog trials, bull buck-out and other activities.

Important People

There are many people who played a significant role in Texas history, at the Alamo, 12 of its defenders were Irish, while another 14 is of Irish decent (mixed nationalities.). At the battle of San Jacinto, over 100 Men on the Texans side was of Irish decent.

The most notable person in Texas history who was Irish would probably be James Mcgloin.

James Mcgloin founded the main Irish colony in Texas, he was also a very well known political leader until his assassination in June 19, 1856.

Did you know?

James Mcgloin's was murder in his own house? He was gagged, then cut in the throat.

His assassin was never found, but it is generally believed to be a person against the idea of him being Chief Justice.


The Irish impact on Texas was enormous, and today we can see it in our food, lifestyle, and overall culture.The Irish have come to Texas in numbers, affecting the political, cultural, and historical impact on our state. They had also played a key role in the revolution, making up more than 1/7th of Sam Houston's army at San Jacinto.

There existence today can be seen by all the St. Patrick's day related festivities, and by the towns and area's settled and founded.

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