Unit 2 Enduring Understanding

Justin Roy

Section 1 Analysis

Humans migrate to move from one place to a another for better markets ,weather, safety,and politics. Some migrate for job reasons or to find better jobs or even for better education.

Humans create cultural mosaics because it mixes cultures that are within society. They also add lots of pictures and place them together to make one big picture.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups. An example would be the citizens of Mexico. They have to choose to join the cartels or the government. Some of the people pick the cartels for protection, buy drugs and they also fight the government.

My picture of the Canadian flag with the peoples faces is a example of a cultural mosaic by the faces of the people of Canada mixed together in to a big picture.

Section 2 Application

Humans migrate in the real world because of bad economy, better homes, less storms, and even stores that are more beneficial (food, technology, clothing). The migrate to better countries, towns and city's.

Culture mosaics are in the real world by social groups and they make the cultural mosaics to represent a united front for some cause they make them whenever.

Humans balance the force of cooperation by treaties with other counties to stop fights or wars.

Humans balance the force of conflict by setting wars and picking fights with each other making problems in different countries.

There is power shift in the real world by when one country takes over another or when the people take over the government.

There are social groups small to large and good to bad groups. An example would be a group of friends vs a groups of Mexican cartels.

Power shifts on social groups are pro by better government, better laws and happier society.

Power shifts on social groups are con by worse government, bad laws and unhappy society.

Section 3 Transfer

I migrated to Barrington NH to Derry NH.

Social organization: for me its family

Values/religion: for me its knowledge

Art/literature: for me its music

Government: for me its citizenship

Languages: for me its English and words

Customs: i don't have any

Opportunity: for me its hopes or future jobs

In social groups at home is cooperation by there my family.

In social groups at school is conflict by there "friends" as we fight.

I was the army and wealthy and we had all the power until the U.S stole it.

Power can shift between social groups by one getting more people or more stuff to overrule the other groups.

The power shifted by we had power then nothing but treaties with the other groups and that made the U.S want to attack and us the gorillas, government and presents worked together to tell the U.S no your not invading.