Lima, Peru

The Best Vacation Spot For The Lowest Price!

What To Do in Lima

Private Shopping Tour

Magic Circuit Water Show

Small-Group Lima Home Cooking Tour

Lima’s Palomino, Cabinzas & San Lorenzo Island Cruise

Small-Group Lima Discovery Tour

Places to Eat

Where to Stay

Sheraton Lima Hotel and Convention Center

-It costs $159 per night

The Weather

-Warm Climate

-Hardly any rain

-High Humidity

Places to Visit

Museo Larco

Museo de Arte de Lima

La Catedral de Lima

Parque de la Muralla

What is Needed to go on this Trip

-Travel Visas

-Summer Clothing

-Peruvian Currency

Fun Facts about Lima

1. With the population of about 9 million people within its Metropolitan area, Lima is the fifth largest city in South America.

2. Lima was founded by a Spaniard conquistador called Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535.

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