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May 2021 Edition

SCKSEC Staff Spotlight

Special Education Teachers

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At SCKSEC, we have some of the absolute best Special Education Teachers. We rely on each one of them to provide support to staff, students, and families. Thank you to our wonderful teachers!

Click below to view some of our very own SCKSEC Teachers:

National School Nurse Appreciation

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Thank you VERY MUCH to our SCKSEC Nurses, Chelsey Bollman and Cindy Shumway! We appreciate you serving our students!

SCKSEC Registered Nurse

Chelsey Bollman

Hello, my name is Chelsey Bollman. I was hired as an RN for SCKSEC in February of this year. I’ve always had a passion for taking care of people. While growing up my grandmother, father, and mother all worked at the Harper Hospital. I grew up living in Danville Kansas, which was about 8 miles from town so both my sisters and I got to spend much time at the hospital or clinic waiting on rides, waiting for the pool to open, softball practice to start, or whichever other activity was going on in town. Both of my great grandmothers lived in the long term care wing of the hospital. I spent much time with my great grandmothers and the other residents while hanging out at the hospital waiting for rides, activities, etc. I believe this is where my passion for healthcare began. I worked as a CNA through high school then went on to Pratt Community College where I earned a degree in nursing. Since graduating in 2010 I have worked as an RN in long term care, hospital, ER, and have also fulfilled role as a wound care nurse. I am excited to be part of the SCKSEC team and look forward to learning an entire new aspect of nursing!

My husband and I have been married for 12 years. We were blessed with four children, Keaton, Eva, Sawyer, and Waylon. We live on my husbands family farm just south of Anthony. My husband is a farmer/rancher and according to him I run the funny farm. We have chickens, guineas, goats, hogs, a horse, four dogs, one cat, and expecting baby ducks any day now. I love them all! I would say that I live the simple life. I spend much of my free time with family and friends. My family and I are likely doing something outdoors whether it be, fishing, skeet shooting, golfing, volleyball, baseball, riding four wheelers, having a bonfire or barbeque. It is difficult to get away but when we do it is likely a lake trip with family and friends.

May is Physical Education Month!

Thank you to Samantha Inman and Emma Austin for providing Adaptive Physical Education to our students!

Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

Emma Austin

Hello all! My name is Emma Austin. I grew up not too far from Pratt in Macksville, Ks. I am a senior at FHSU. I’m am currently in the Teacher Education Program and will graduate in December after student teaching under Sammi Inman! My goal is to become an Adaptive PE teacher myself. I absolutely love long term subbing APE for SCKSEC, and my students and the staff are awesome. When I’m not working I am enjoying the outdoors, cuddling my sweet kitty Henry, spending time with my nieces and nephews, and now planing a wedding!!

Samantha Inman

Hello, my name is Sammi Inman. My family and I live in Kiowa, KS. I am finishing up my 10th year with SCKSEC. This has been my 1st year as the Adaptive PE Teacher. Before that, I have been a SPED teacher in the classroom. I have worked with the Jr. High and Elementary school level, as well as, two years at the behavior school. I have a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education both at the Pre-K- 12 level. I also do some coaching at South Barber. I am the assistant HS volleyball coach and HS/MS assistant track coach.

I have been married for 10 years on May 21st. We have two boys. Dyson who is 8 and a half and River who is 3 and a half. They both keep me very busy. We all love spending time outdoors and hanging with friends. One of my favorite hobbies is gardening and doing crafts. I am looking forward to many more years as the adaptive pe teacher and working with our wonderful students and staff! Wishing everyone a Great Summer!!

Principal Appreciation Day is May 1st

Thank you to each and every School Principal that we have the opportunity to work with. Your ability to touch the lives of staff, students, and families is unbelievable. We appreciate your creativity, support, and communication!

SCKSEC Haskins Day School Principal-Laurie Harwood

My name is Laurie Harwood, or Ms. H, as the students call me. I have been at Haskins Learning Center for 2 years now. Working at Haskins has been the best decision I have made in my career. I know that I am in the right place. I was a classroom teacher for 27 years, an Instructional Math coach for 3 years, and a principal for 2 years, all in the Great Bend School District. I decided I was ready for a change and found this amazing opportunity. I still currently live in Great Bend and drive 53 miles daily. I believe in what the staff and I do at HLC. We are all here for the students. We are #haskinsstrong.

I have 3 children, Tyler (35), Mason (29), and Morgan (25). I also have two grandchildren, Eugene (8) and Hayden (10 months). I am very proud of my children. They have all graduated from college and have successful lives. I spend time with them whenever I get that chance.

Once again, I am glad that I am at SCKSEC doing this great work!

Comments from Staff:

"Laurie is a very caring and compassionate boss and principal, she goes out of her way to make sure everyone has everything that they need."

"She is amazing she always has a lot on her plate and wears different hats but when it comes to her staff she always makes time for us especially when we need a shoulder to cry on. She is always encouraging us and the kids she is a light in a world of chaos."

"Laurie is genuine, Understanding, advocate, Dedicated, heartfelt and beautiful. I would have to say she is the first boss where I can be exactly who I am in the moment and having the weight of everyone's business on her shoulders she will stop and genuinely show concern and support you. She reminds me of how great I am because I forget so often. "

"Laurie pushes me to be a better educator and person. She helps to support me and my classroom, in all that we do. Laurie has spent countless hours helping me through my classwork and genuinely cares for her staff and students. HLC is blessed to have her as our leader. We love her so much."

Administrative Team Update

What a wonderful and crazy school year it has been! A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions enter my mind as I think about our school year coming to a close. This has been one of the most challenging, yet amazing years so far. With each new challenge that arose we saw staff, students, and families rise to the occasion. The creativity and problem solving abilities of IEP teams have blown me away this year. I am beyond thankful for our dedicated staff that stepped up to the plate to think outside the box. You all are so innovative! I hope that we can take this wonderful learning experience into problem solving new challenges in the future. However, now I hope you all take this much needed break to focus on taking care of yourselves and spending quality time with those you love! Enjoy your summer break! You definitely earned it!

Click here to access the Director/Assistant Director Duties and Assignments:

District of the Month

Pratt Life Skills

USD #605

City: Pratt

Assistant Director:

Meagan Etheridge


Aaron Colliatie

School Psychologist

Kim Keiser

Speech/Language Pathologist


Occupational Therapist

Kelli Gallagher

Physical Therapist

Shawna Sternecker


Sammi Inman

Assistive Tech Tip!

If you think a student might benefit from assistive technology, think first about the Accessibility Features that are built-in on the devices the student already uses. Most technology items have various features built-in, such as voice typing/dictation, text to speech, magnification, reduced clutter on the screen, and more. Look in the Settings menu of the device for Accessibility. To find specific instructions on how to activate built-in features, you can search the internet for "accessibility features for (insert name of device)". Benefits of using built-in features:

* student is already familiar with the device

* same device as other students are using, so student doesn't feel singled out

* allows for personalized learning and differentiation

* just turn it on - no downloads or subscriptions


Apple products:

Chromebook Accessibility Features:

Microsoft Accessibility Features:

As always, email the AT Team at for help with assistive technology questions!

Self Care Tip of the Month

Character Strong Challenges

Character Strong Kindness Challenge-Journal Day 9

CharacterStrong is offering a Kindness Practice every day for at least the next 30 days - and ALL of them can be done even if you can't leave home. It will take you 10 minutes or less and it will be designed to give yourself, your community, and this world a daily dose of generosity, connection, empathy, and love.

Click here to watch the video for Kindness Challenge Journal Day 9:

Staff Character Challenge-Dares 1-40

If we are going to ask our students to participate in the CharacterDare process, we believe that we as educators, administrators, counselors, and beyond need to role model this growth ourselves! So, here are character challenges designed for personal and professional growth.

Click here to access the PDF version:

Upcoming Events at SCKSEC

  • May 5 - Mentor/Mentee Training Q4 Required Mentees and Mentors (SCKSEC Conference Room) 9:00-12:00


  • June 21-25 - Pathways Training (contact Chari Michael to sign up)


  • July 30 - New Teacher Training (SCKSEC Conference Room)


  • August 2 - New Teacher Training and Mentee/Mentor Training
  • August 3 - SCKSEC Preservice for Teachers and Certified Staff (Pratt Community College)
  • August 4 - SCKSEC Preservice for Paraeducators and Classified Staff (Pratt Community College)

Staff Shout Outs

"I am so proud of our paras here at Norwich JH/HS for their hard work and flexibility. Being short staffed and lack of subs, our paras have stepped up to help cover each other when called upon. Thank you Teresa, Tiffany, Sabrina and Angela. Be A Light!"

"Huge shout out to Deb Zang for all of her help getting me access to things I need! She recently took the time to scan a large amount of materials to me so that I could have what I needed, when and where I needed it. Thank you again, Deb! I'm so thankful for your help."

"I would like to give a shout out to Tonya and Kendra for all their hard work on IEP's! Thank you!"

"Angela Foster is a para a Norwich and continues to go above and beyond working with our kiddos! She shows them how much she cares and has built great rapport with them and they work hard for her! Angela, thank you for all your hard work!"

"Ajay Eubank, Krista Wilson, Missy Marzullo, Tracy Bridwell, and Kayla Archer have been irreplaceable this year. Flexible is truly their middle name. The only thing that seems constant in our building is change. I'm thankful for their willingness to take on new tasks as well as the way they build relationships with our students. Thank you ALL a WHOLE BUNCH!!" -Marci

"Chelsey Bollman has joined us as our SCKSEC Nurse. She has done an amazing job of working with parents, staff, and medical teams to support various student needs. We have appreciated her medical knowledge and expertise!"

"The SCKSEC Early Childhood Staff have been doing a great job planning and completing the Early Childhood Screenings across SCKSEC. This takes a tremendous amount of work and collaboration! Thank you to everyone who has helped out with the Early Childhood Screenings!"

"Sandra Espino is an asset to SCKSEC. She has done a wonderful job of scheduling screenings, organizing information, and also translating languages for understanding. Thank you for all that you do, Sandra!"

"I would like to send a huge thank you to Michelle Waite. Whenever we have front desk coverage issues, she graciously steps up and covers the front desk without being asked. Michelle is the true definition of a team player!"