GW&S Studies

What Can I Do With My Major?


Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that critically engages beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and norms about gender, women, and sexuality and their intersections with other axes of difference including race, ability, nationality, and class. Studying GWS equips students with critical analytical skills necessary to understand how power works in national and transnational contexts and to address and offer creative solutions to issues of equity, diversity, and social justice in our world today.

Related Careers

The following list contains sample job titles of GWS majors. Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider. Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelors' degree.

Community organization director


Peace Corps volunteer

Volunteer Coordinator
Women's issues coordinator
Women's Rights advocate

Editor, Women's magazine
Journalist, Women's programming
Public opinion analyst

Human Services
Community planning specialist
Non-governmental agencies worker
Social worker
Volunteer services coordinator
Women's issues advocate
Women's programming
Youth counselor

Arts council director
Consultant, cultural resource manager
Management trainee
Market research analyst
Organizational planner
Personnel officer
Sales/marketing representative

Exhibit preparation coordinator
Research associate

School administration
School counselor

Related Major Skills

Human Relations
Awareness of gender, race and other differences
Listening to others' thoughts and ideas
Sensitivity to people and problems
Understanding and interpreting global cultures

Critiquing and evaluating Issues/problems/events
Gathering information
Reading and understanding ideas
Speaking to groups
Writing clearly and creatively

Project Development/Research
Designing projects
Evaluating projects and plans
Observing people
Organizing ideas/materials
Percieving patterns and structures
Planning and administering programs
Testing an idea/hypothesis

Thinking Critically/Creatively
Adapting ideas
Analyzing cultural events and texts
Connecting with communities
Developing new agendas for old problems
Problem posing/problem solving
Testing and exploring ideas in discussion with others

Internship Opportunities

Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

Professional Organizations and Associations

National Women's Studies Association

Southeastern Women's Studies Association

Michigan Women's Studies Association

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