Lauren Pasbrig


Hi! i'm Lauren! i live in Homested Iowa. I live with my dad,mom,my sister, and my two cats.

I go to amana elementry. I´m a singer,drawer,and a writer. I wrote scripts for my class one time. in my spare time, i play games, write random stuff, draw,watch videos, or i just sleep in. i like anime cartoons and i enjoy listening to music from Miatriss,Tryhardninja,and mostly other people who make fnaf music. i really love playing with dolls and mostly my drawing. i mostly draw about fnaf,fnadh (five nights at dollhouse.), and other stuff. i hate most videos and games. for example: five nights at dollhouse is pretty creepy to me. but i have favs. my fav dolls are Twoheads(female doll) , and Ripjaw(male doll).

my sister

if you didn´t know, i have a sister. her nameś Lizzie and she has Beiber Fever. she mostly whines about most things. sheesh, drama queen. sometimes, i hope to get my very own brother. but lizzie is the only sister i got. i like anoyying her alot

more about my sister

yeh, sheś a stinker. mostly anoyying. she claims she has water powers when she has gum powers. i mostly have ice powers. i have nothing else to say about liz. oh well!

Sky High

mostly, i feel like i need to go to sky high. i have 4 friends with amazing powers. Shelby has the power of camalflouge and to climb on walls. Lauri can shape shift and to have super speed. Lukus is elastic, and Michol can glow