The "Defying Gravity" Backpack

$39.99 each or $45.00 per personalized backpack

Say Goodbye To Backpain!

Do you have constant back and shoulder pain, from just your heavy backpack? Well you aren't alone. Actually, during a study led by David Siambanes Do, of the Inland Empire Spine center in River Side, California 3,500 students from ages 11 to 15 were asked if their backpack were heavy and how it effected them. When the results were calculated, the result was that 64% of the students reported having back pain sometimes and 2 out of 5 students said they always feel back pain when wearing their backpacks. We considered this problem, and knew we had to find a cure! That's why we invented the "Defying Gravity" backpack.
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The 'Defying Gravity' backpack comes in 3 stylish designs!

How does it work?

The "Defying Gravity" Backpack comes in 3 stylish designs. You are probably wondering, how does it "Defy Gravity?" Well, this futuristic yet simple design works by having pockets inside the backpack, each pocket holds a thick balloon filled with the lightest helium, so you don't have to put as much weight on your back and shoulders.

This product is aimed for success!