Officer Spence Makes No Sense

By: Jim Paillot


The setting is in school at day time.


The plot is where officer Spence is working on a case and he and he ran into Peanut- butter and he was going to name it.


The charters are A.j is funny Andrea is mean Ryan is weird Michael is cool Emily is a crybaby and Neil does not tie his shoe's.

Beg Med End

Ok so at the Beginning, of the story they where at school and they went to lunch and

there was a missing pp&j so every one loses there chill. Then the school calls the cops and Officer Spence is on the case he is the weird cop so they don't think the case will be solved.

Middle, So Officer Spence was asking so many questions like did you do it and as you know everyone said no. he even ask the lunch lady did she do it she said no to. then he put A.J's teacher in jail he gave every one a lie detector test every one was telling the truth.

End, Officer Spence was wrong he thought he was going to solve the case but he did not solve the case it was a sad day Officer Spence so he let everyone out but they said we will help you. they where looking every where then Officer Spence found it he ran into it he was going to name in.