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May 2016

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Summer School Program


This is a reminder to those families that received notice that their child qualifies for summer school....PLEASE RETURN YOUR CHILD'S ENROLLMENT FORM

I am attaching the letter that was sent out in the mailing. If you did not receive a mailing or have questions on whether or not your child qualifies, why your child did not qualify, please email me at tara.seiner@k12.nd.us.

Dear Parents-

Spring is in the air! Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking of summer activities, sports, and the continuation of learning. The Oakes Public School is sponsoring, at no cost to you, a summer reading program for selected students. The goal is to help your child gain reading skills that are needed for becoming a better reader, all while closing the learning gap between his/her peers.

Your child has been chosen to participate in the summer school program. A commitment of 20 hours of reading instruction is required for all participants during the months of June and July. Classes will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. During the time that your child is in class, he/she will continue with the same reading intervention from the school year. This researched based program, along with more time, only provides the greatest opportunity to close the existing learning gap.

Please complete the enclosed form indicating your commitment to the summer reading program. I am requesting that forms be turned into the school by Thursday, May 19th. I ask that you return the attached sheet even if you DO NOT wish your child to participate in summer school. This way our selection process may continue while providing other students this same opportunity. Please remember this is a commitment and your child is expected to be present at the scheduled time. A welcome letter will be mailed prior to the start date of June 7th.

If you need more information about the program, please contact Tara Steiner. Mrs. Bata and Mrs. Henne have been contracted to fulfill the teaching positions for the summer school sessions. I look forward to receiving your commitment form and a summer of learning for your child. Please complete the attached sheet and return it to school as soon as possible…Thanks!

Tara Steiner

Summer School Coordinator

Oakes Public School (742-3204)

AGAIN...Please return the enrollment form whether you plan for your child to participate or not. Thank you! If you have questions, email me at tara.seiner@k12.nd.us. We are excited to start planning for this summer learning time.

Summer AR/ AM

Come Read with Us!

Who: Students who have completed grades 1-6

What: Keep Reading! Don't loose ground...Come choose a book (or 2), read at home that week, return the following week to take an AR test.

Where: Our New Beautiful Library

When: Tuesdays...June 7-July 26

Why: Boost that comprehension! Try new books! Reading for Enjoyment! Practice to Get Better!

Bonus: A treat just for YOU!

Kindergarten students..

We haven't forgotten about you! Come checkout the reading bags that have been put together just for YOU!

Don't just come to practice your reading...Practice your Math, too!


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Earning Technology Time

I LOVE THIS! Manage your child’s technology time. How often have we heard them declare that they are bored? Have your child earn their TECHNOLOGY TIME, based on the following: exercise, playing outside, doing their chores, reading, and creating. You need to decide what your children need to work on (math facts, feeding the dog, cleaning their room, reading, playing together) and that’s what you put on your chart.

Download the chart here...


Title 1 Annual Review


This is for you...

Our Title 1 program has been reviewed for the school year 2015-2016!


What can your kids do this summer to keep their learning skills sharp and still have fun? Click on the image to go to my favorite sites for summer learning.


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