AM National Newsletter

#27 | Week 3 | February 2016

Regional TtTs are here!

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TtT (Train the Trainers) has the objective of providing AIESEC members with a learning platform to enhance and maximize training and facilitation skills and techniques. And this time round, we are doing regional-level TtT to encourage more participation from ANY AIESEC member!

Click the button below to know more about the TtTs and which one will be happening closest to you! After that, you can find the registration form here, that you can fill until the 22nd of February. All you need to invest is the lowly personal conference fee of 15 RM!


Northern TtT

(4-6 March)
hosted by: UUM

targeted for*: Penang, UTP, UTAR

accommodation provided upon payment of fee

Central TtT #1

(4-6 March)

hosted by: MC

targeted for*: UPM, UM, UMP, Johor Bahru

accommodation provided at MC Office if needed

Central TtT #2

(11-13 March)

hosted by: TU

targeted for*: TU, Sunway, UNMC

accommodation provided at MC Office if needed

Eastern TtT

(11-13 March)

hosted by: Kuching

targeted for*: Kuching, CU

accommodation provided if needed

*targeted for means that these TtTs were taking into consideration the LC's Spring MRD timeline - you can however go to a different TtT if you choose to.

Trending News

Incoming! The most glamorous night of the year

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Has your LC applied for one of the AIESEC in Malaysia Awards Night (AMAN) awards?

Make sure it does by clicking the button below until Monday, the 22nd of February, so you can enable it to take home the most prestigious awards of AIESEC in Malaysia next week!

We are looking forward for AMAN and excited to see what kind of glamorous gala-wear you will be sporting! See you on the 26th under the spotlight!

Updates from MC Office

Out of Office

This Week: Hanne and John (IPM 2016, Morocco); Paul (until Feb 16, Taiwan)

Next Week: Everyone in office! (Preparation for NPM 2016)

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> IPM 2016

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> National PBoX Working Group and EST Working Group

John (IM)

-> IPM 2016

Jane (oGCP)

-> Preparation for Summer Peak

Edward (iGCP)

-> iGCP National PBoX Creation

Peter (iGTP)

-> Sales Campaign Planning and EST Management

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> National Goal Planning

Erik (CX)

-> UPM Coaching and Synergy discussion with FL + IM

Manu (OD)

-> MRD Product Packaging and TtT Planning

JT (Expansion)

-> oGCP EPRD Plan and iGCP National Project Framework

Kenny (BD)

-> Restart Sales and LC SU Coaching/ Replanning

Pravin (PR)

-> Polytechnic EPRD Proposal Finalization and FACON-YouthSpeak Proposal

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