ELAR Independent Reading

Dystopian Novels


A fictional tale about a society which is oppressed. Oftentimes these are science fiction and involve government oppression; however, dystopian novels do not have to be science fiction.

Examples of print dystopian novels can be found on the cart in the library,

or search the library catalog here for more print choices.

*Try searching for "science fiction" or "dystopias" under keyword or subject or you can look for a specific title or author. (Remember to check the description of anything that is a result under "science fiction" as not all science fiction novels are dystopians.)

*You can also check out Mrs. Turner's blog, click on "Labels" and scroll down to Dystopian.



You can download books to your device using Overdrive. Here's how:

  1. Visit our OverDrive site.
  2. Type your student ID number.
  3. Click "Subjects" at the top and choose "Sci-Fi & Fantasy".
  4. Download to a device or read on your computer.

Helpful Tips:

1. Titles with a black open book in the upper right corner of the cover are available for checkout. Titles with a gray open book in the upper right corner of the cover are currently checked out and you can only put them on hold.

2. The lending period for books on Overdrive is two weeks. After two weeks, the book will be automatically returned and not available on your device.

3. Make sure you read the description of the book before checking it out as not all science fiction novels are dystopian.

Need Additional Help?

See Mrs. Turner in the library. She's happy to help!