Kids University's Rising 3rd Grade

Georgia College and State University

Letter to the Parents!

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without the excitement and adventure of Kids’ University! In 2016, the spirit and tradition of Kids’ University day camp continues with a summer full of games, arts and crafts, field trips, swimming and new friendships.

The mission of Kids’ University is to provide a safe and wholesome environment for kids to come and enjoy their summer. Planned activities for each week will be age-appropriate, varying in content based on the age of the child.

We have planned an awesome summer!

Week 1 - Splashing into Summer

Week 2 - Making New Friends

Week 3 - Disney Mania

Week 4 - Art around the world

Week 5 - Nature Walk

Week 6 - Party in the USA!

Week 7 - All about Animals

Week 8 - Color War

Week 9 - Kids U's got Talent

Week 10 - So Long Summer

Our Camp Counselors!!

Things to pack everyday:






Flip-flops (to wear to the pool)

Water wings if needed

Extra change of clothes

Kids University Rising 3rd grade Facebook

This Facebook page will be a great way to stay updated on every thing that we are doing in our class this summer. We will be constantly adding news, updates and pictures. If there are any schedule changes during the summer camp, this is where you will find it.

This Facebook page is a private page that will only be seen by our class and the parents of our campers.

Our Pinterest Board

This Pinterest board is where you can see all of the fun activities that your child will be doing this summer.

It is an accumulation of fun crafts, games, tips, and ideas to keep our campers happy and busy all summer long.

This Pinterest Page is also a private page that will only be viewed by staff and parents of our campers.

Privacy and safety of the children is very important to us.

StoryBird Fun!

StoryBird is a cool website that we will be using all summer long to record our fun adventures. We will be creating stories of all the activities we do. as they read their stories, they can relive their memories of the best summer camp ever.