Stanley Avenue School Newsletter

Term 4 Week 7 2021

WELCOME - Nau mai haere mai

Hello, Kia ora, Chomreabsour, Mālo ni, Ni hao, Kia orāna, Talofa lava, Namaste, Hola, Hallo, Chào bạn, Bula Vinaka, Kumusta, Guten Tag, Mālō e lelei , An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, greetings to all our School Families.

Upcoming Events

  • 6 Dec BOT Meeting 6.00pm Staffroom
  • 6 Dec Helpers Day (Year 7/8)
  • 9 Dec Graduation Year 8 Rec Centre
  • 13 Dec Prizegiving 9.30am Rec Centre steps
  • 13 Dec Students meet their 2022 Teacher afternoon 2.00-2.30pm
  • 14 Dec Whole School Fun Day
  • 15 Dec Last day of school for 2021
  • 1st Feb First day of school for 2022

Covid 19 Protection Framework (CPF) Settings

The Government has agreed that all schools will retain their existing COVID-19 settings until the end of the 2021 calendar year, but guidance will recommend that schools outside of Auckland align their practices with the COVID-19 Protection Framework settings, which will come into effect for all schools from 1 January 2022. (So until the end of the 2021 school year our procedures will remain the same). The Stanley Avenue School procedures under the (CPF) will be communicated to you prior to the start of the 2022 school year.

Year 1- 7 Student Leavers at the end of the 2021 School Year

If your child/ children are leaving Stanley Avenue School at the end of the year and you have not yet communicated this with us, it would be appreciated for planning purposes that you let us know as soon as you are able to. Please phone the school office or email if you need to.

2021 Stanley Avenue School End of Year Prizegiving

A reminder that due to Level 2 Covid- 19 restrictions, staff and students will only be able to attend. Prizegiving will be situated outside the Rec Centre, using the steps as a form of staging. All students will be seated on chairs, in their classes and amongst their teams. In the event of rain a call will be made as early as possible, and mini prize givings will occur for all of our teams .

Start time: 9.30 am

Dress Code: Students are to wear clean and tidy uniforms.

Awards: Learner Dimension class awards will be handed out by class teachers. (If your child/children will be receiving an award you will be contacted on the Friday prior by your child’s class teachers. (It is important that you keep this a secret from your children).

Other Awards/Items

  • 100% Attendance Certificates will be given out for students who have attended the entire year up to the 10th December

  • Cultural Awards

  • Sports Awards

  • House Shield presentation

  • Year 7 General Excellence Awards

  • 2022 School Leader Announcement

  • Principal’s Speech

  • Acknowledgement to Leaving Staff

  • Year 8 Leavers Farewell

(Please note: the Prizegiving order is still to be put together)

End of Year Prizegiving Certificates

This year we have decided to bring our end of year class awards inline with our Learner Dimensions: - Whaia kia u, Hauora, Manaakitanga, and Kaiwhiriwhiri

This will mean that each teacher will award a certificate in each area, rather than the Academic and Effort certificates that we have awarded previously. Please see an explanation of each certificate below.

  • Whaia Kia U - Constantly 'Striving to Succeed', showing dedication to their progress and motivation in their learning.

  • Hauora - Outstanding attitude towards others and self. Cares, shares and includes others. Great citizenship!

  • Manaakitanga - A strong Team Player! Takes on different roles in a group (leader or group member). Is respectful of others ideas and opinions and celebrates the strengths and success of others. Encourages everyone to do their best!

  • Kaiwhiriwhiri - Is curious about the world around them. Students use a range of skills and strategies to make sense of things and have many questions they want answered. They are always seeking new knowledge and understanding.

ERO December Update

A reminder that the Education Review Office (ERO) now appoint an Evaluative Partner to work alongside all schools in the form of a longitudinal review rather than the traditional ‘one- week’ snapshot. Since the beginning of the year we have had four visits from Julie Earl, our Evaluative Partner. ERO’s intent is for schools to be more self-regulating with a key focus on Internal Evaluation in order to enhance equity and excellence for all learners.

A key focus question that we have been investigating is:

To what extent are the SAS learning progressions in writing used to track and monitor student progress and guide teacher planning for next learning steps?

But firstly you may ask what are Learner progressions?

Each curriculum level is broken up into small bite-sized content parts called progressions. Progressions are a content descriptor of what students know, are currently working on or will work on in the future. As a school we have designed our own progressions covering the breadth and depth of the curriculum in Reading, Writing, Maths and Te Reo.

Who uses Learner progressions?


Both teachers and learners will use progressions throughout the year. A teacher will use progressions in their planning and to guide learning sessions based on the student's learning needs. Within a classroom, students may work on similar progressions or more personalised ones depending on needs.


All students will use learner progressions to varying degrees, depending on their age. As students move up the school they use the learner progressions to understand what they already know, what their next steps are as well as future learning areas. Progress with the learner progressions can be monitored by teachers and students in a range of ways. For example, highlighting the progressions in books, recording evidence in online docs, and articulating their learning in discussion groups. When students are given greater ownership, responsibility, and time to share their learning this is referred to as effective Learner Agency.

For the focus to be kept on learning and the ownership of the learning with the child, then the best person to talk about the learning is the learner”

Michael Absolum, Clarity in the Classroom (2006)

Where to next?

We are now starting to implement our actions that have come from our investigations and noticings from our Internal Evaluation. In the first half of 2022 the actions will need to be monitored and re-evaluated. We will share these actions in the new year as part of our Strategic Plan.

Thank You Lunch

On Monday 6th December we will be having a “Thank You Lunch” (hot chips, bread and ice blocks) for Year 5-8 students who have contributed to the School in continuous roles throughout the year, such as Librarians, Radio Room and Road Patrol monitors, as well as other duties. A number of these students may already be involved in the Helpers’ Day Out, so this is an alternative event to ensure we can thank the remaining students for their contributions this year. Invitations have been issued to these students today (Friday).

Fantastic Fun Day

As we are unable to do our School Pool Trip this year we are planning an alternative event on Tuesday 14th December. During the morning blocks we will have a series of fun activities around the school, where mixed teams across all ages will take part in a waka competition.

We are planning a sausage sizzle lunch and juicies, free to all students, and then a relaxed afternoon in our learning teams.

More details will follow in next week’s newsletter!

Helpers’ Day Out

This year we have appreciated the work ethic and responsibility that our senior students have shown. As Rainbow’s End was out of our grasp we have come up with a fun day here in Te Aroha.

Our Year 7 & 8 helpers from throughout the year have been invited and we are heading out to Foot Golf, which the Te Aroha Golf Club is hosting for us. We then move to the Domain for fun, games and lunch. The day will then conclude with some fun at the Te Aroha Pools that we have booked for our use.

Thank you so much to our parents that have assisted our helpers all year with reminders, transport, and generally encouraging them.

Graduation 2021 - Thursday 9th December @ 7pm (Year 8 Students, Year 8 Parents, Staff)

Next week we will be celebrating our Year 8 Graduates with a Luau theme Social Evening. Although things will look slightly different this year, we are looking forward to having our Year 8 students and their parents celebrate this special occasion.

Students will be performing social dances that they have been learning this term, followed by a light supper and awards ceremony. Guests are expected to wear semi-formal attire.

More success for Team Ruru!!

Team Ruru was engaged in the 123 Tech Challenge during Term 3 and 4. This competition is a National Competition aligned with the new Digital Technologies Curriculum. Students worked across the 3 classrooms in teams of 4 students per team to solve a problem in the community. The community could be the classroom, school, or the wider community.
We had an exciting array of projects developed with students creating Apps, websites, and print mediums designed digitally.
Students also accessed Industry Mentors where they are able to have Video conferences or email conversations to ask for advice and extend their ideas.
We put forward 6 teams that were able to develop a prototype and complete a 10-minute video to explain the ideas, process, and development of their Digital Solution to the Regional Competition.
During the development of their Digital Solution students were exposed to real-world experiences and developed transferable skills. Working as part of a team gave them an authentic context in which to develop and use critical thinking skills and habits of learning.
Undertaking this Designing and Developing a Digital Outcome challenge, imparted skills such as confidence, patience, empowerment, resilience, organisation, experimentation, focus, preparation, collaboration, communication, creativity, and the ability to problem-solve.

Here is a sample of the projects that were developed:

*Community Sports information website

*Cookbook to fundraise for Digital Equipment etc.. (like EPRO8 kits)

*A Decibel Classroom detector (using the new Microbits) Winning Project

*Wetlands and local bushwalking Apps linking to QR codes for fitness and personal safety

*Hauora App to enhance wellbeing

*Lost Property Tracker

Congratulations to the Wingless Crows (Rico Smith, Wynn Williams, Jerry Collier-Tilsley, Keyarn Manga) who have won the regional competition. They met the Judges in the National Competition round today at 10 am for a 1 in 6 chance of winning the National Competition! Watch this space!

The Wingless Crows developed a Decibel meter from a Microbit to help control noise levels in the classroom. We used it today with the whole class and it worked really well. The Microbit lights up and the computer announces that you are at a level that will damage your hearing. Check out the video for the rundown of the process the team went through.

Wingless Crows Stanley Ave Waikato

Room 11 have found Mrs Roskam's Smile!!!

Our lovely Teacher in Room 11, Mrs Roskam, is always playing tricks on the students in Room 11 about their smiles...but this time, it was Room 11 that played a trick on Mrs Roskam!!!

They have written some gorgeous and very imaginative stories about where Mrs Roskam's smile has gone. Check out some of them below. Priceless!

Touch draw for Friday 6th December (Finals night)

Big picture

Touch 2021

Check out the Waihou Junior Touch Rugby Facebook page for some brilliant action shots of our tamariki at Touch last Friday taken by the Friday Edition. There is a link as well as instructions to purchase a digital copy of a photo for $10.

A huge thank you to everyone involved this year. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to run a competition like this let alone having to cope with COVID restrictions as well. Good Luck for Finals night Stanley Ave!!

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Sport Waikato 'Play and Get outdoors week' Competition

WIN an outdoor game pack for our school! There are 20 prizes of outdoor games to be won for families too! Download the Sport Waikato Play Outdoors BINGO and between 15-28 November, get outdoors and play – email photos to of your whaanau playing outdoors with your name and school, and we’ll both go in the draw to win!
Big picture