2015 Fashion Marketing Review

Megan Luangpinith


Topshop used social media during their fashion week campaigns to get sales using Twitter.

Topshop have been leading the way in digital innovation around fashion week since 2012. Live stream catwalk shows and shared favorite outfits on Facebook.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs used Twitter through their campaigns during pop-up shops. Using the hashtag #MJDaisyChain gave locations and where to find the pop-up shops in london to get their fragrance. Marc Jacobs also gave Twitter users a chance to win highly sought-after Marc Jacobs bags and jewelry for posting the most inspiring photos on Twitter with their unique hashtag.


Dior campaigned using videos posted on twitter with a famous actress to attract buyers. Natalie Portman played a runaway bride in Dior's social media campaign. Dior differ from other brands in that they use social media as part of wider campaigns to tell stories about their vision for the brand and engage their customer’s imaginations. People sharing their stories gained them many followers on Twitter.


Burberry used Twitter Marketing. #SS15 London Fashion Week, with over 8,000 Tweets sent about the brand – making Burberry the number one brand on Twitter during fashion week. Burberry launched the ‘Burberry Kisses’ campaign, in collaboration with Google.


Gap used social media channels such as Foursquare to promote these deals and offers to new customers, and from this campaign alone 441,000 groupons were sold – bringing in profit of around $11 million.