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September 28-October 2

Classroom News

We are still in our second unit -My Friends and I. Our key concept is getting along with each other. This week we step into some new routines. We will be picking up letter of the week. Each week we will take on learning several letters. The next few weeks we will look at letters that are made by straight lines-L, F,E, H, T and I. In order to make this more fun, on Friday, your child will get to bring an item from home in a show and tell bag (brown paper bag). Our letter for this week will be letter L. We will also be working on counting one to five objects into a set. We will be singing five little monkeys and five little speckled frog sthis week.

Letter of the Week Paper Bag

Each Thursday, your child's teacher will send home a brown paper bag in your child's folder for you to place an item that starts with the letter of the week for Show and Tell on Friday. Please make sure the item fits in the paper bag. Nothing bigger. When we are finished on Friday with the item, we will send the item back with the child in their backpack or folder and keep the bags to send out the following Thursday.

Please make sure this is a school appropriate item to show students.

Examples for Letter L : lemon, light, lion, leaf, lollipop

W-sitting by By, Marianne Gibbs, EdD, OTR

“W” sitting occurs when children sit on the floor with their legs bent in the shape of a “W”. Watch your child today and see how they sit on the floor at home. Do they sit in the “W” position?

Why do children “W” sit?

Children may develop a habit for “W” sitting as a way to establish

increased stability in their bodies when they cannot assume and maintain the criss-cross (tailor) sitting position. Unfortunately, “W” sitting compromises knee and hip joint positioning, inhibits trunk stability needed for sitting, and may impact the development of proficient hand skills.

What should parents do when a child is a “W” sitter?

Parents should gently, but firmly discourage “W” sitting. I recommend allowing a variety of sitting positions especially if kiddos are struggling or have pain sitting in the criss-cross position. All of the following positions support healthy joint development and learning.

Recommended Sitting Positions:

1. Long Sit (legs straight out in front of torso)

2. Side Sit (legs bent and tucked to one side)

3. Lying on Tummy (propped up on elbows)

4. Lying on Back (propped up on elbows-not shown below)

5. Sitting on a small to medium-sized ball with feet connected firmly with the ground is a fun way to sit and gain coordination at the same time.

We should expect young children to move in and out of positions when sitting on the floor - that is natural and the way kids stay alert and learn to manage their bodies in space. Just as one size does NOT fit all, one sitting position will never accommodate the sitting needs of all children. Young children learn best when their bodies are safely and comfortably positioned. When you support a variety of appropriate sitting positions, you are setting all children up for success!

Would You Like Your Child to Use A Computer At School?

Please log into Skyward to allow access for your child to school technology. Follow the directions below to make sure the AUP box is checked to allow access. Until you do this, they will not be allowed to access technology for future activities.

Thank you!


1. Log in with your Family Access account as a guardian (student accounts do not have access to forms)

2. Select the option: 2015-2016 Forms Packet (or whatever year designation is showing)

3. Select the student from the list.

4. Choose the option: "Mark 2015-2016 Forms Packet as not completed and make changes"

5. Find the step for the "Student Guidelines for Technology Resources". Select the step.

6. Choose: Edit Step #

7. Click on the link to the form and mark the permission box if that is the change that is needed.

8. Save the form.

9. Mark the Step completed.

10. Return to the last step and submit the entire form packet once again.

Home Resources- Ready Rosie

This year we have Ready Rosie. It is free! It is for parents to see a quick 2 minute video lesson. These lessons help with vocabulary and they follow our Texas Pre-K guidelines. They show real parents doing real activities with their child in a normal everyday setting outside school. You can recreate the activity with your child.

Here is the link for signing up:

Use our school name: Indian Creek

Zip code 75028

These video clips can come to a cell phone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

We will have more news of home resources for you soon.

For Our Whole Day Parents


We need your assistance with lunch boxes. We need to have your child's two meals CLEARLY marked. On the container write BREAKFAST and LUNCH.

Please wash nap time blankets and return to school on Monday. There is nothing like napping on clean fresh bedding.

Label Label Label

This last week we have had items lost and relocated. The biggest help to us is labeling everything you send to school. Backpacks and Lunch kits need names on them. As the weather changes label sweaters, sweat shirt and raincoats.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

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For Text Messaging please e-mail teacher for instructions

Twitter Handle @Rfreedenberg

Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

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Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

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