Hunter-gather civilzation

daijah clinkscales


people learned to use fire to cook their food early people learned to make tools such as this scear for hunting most gathering was done by women they gathered food like wild plants,seeds,fruits,and nuts.Most hunting was done by men.they worked together to bring down large animals.

Early Man Culture

Prehistoric people learned to adapt to their enviroment to make simple tools to use fire and to use language.This time was known as prehistoric.The time before writing.


How did the development of agriculture transform human society during the Neolithic Era???(to include an increased food supply)?Because of the development of agricuture people were no longer hunter/gathers.Villages were formed this allowed more people to live together in one area.


Neolithic man used cattle for pulling plows milking,meat,leather.Goats for milk,meat & leather.sheep for wool,milk and meat.Birds (chicken)for eggs. Hores will eventually be used for transportation.

Indus River

The lndus river flows through the know today as pakistan and India the people who lived in this area were known as harappus.They settled in this area around 2500 BC.


The huang he flooded every year desposting a rich fertile soil that was yellow The floods in china were more dangerous and caused a great deal of damage.The floods were harden to control.